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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Rob Kennedy (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, October 30, 2004 - 03:06 pm Click here to edit this post
I remember the was late and i was tired but it sure was hectic. Im not overly active on sim i just had won on the freeworlds and had some free credits to use.

The low profile sometimes helps....Jackle liked being the fed leader and stargate was the best at forum posts and finding more enemies and i would always look for a way through Characteristics. If Faith concentrated on taking my cash strapped slaves he would have cut of my weapons supply (it was my biggest concern during the Sith Vs Characteristics war)but since stargate and faith disliked eachother so much my profile stayed low and my empire safe...hehe.

After you left the game the 12m fell apart a little from lack of leadership, i fell out with Grey over HR and left the 12m but remained an allie. Eskon and I later attacked Erehwon and just about had him beat but the redeploying units bug was too critical in the way Erehwon could defend his countries so the war was called off.(Erehwon still made a mistake the way he deployed his def batts and i am confident we could have taking Erehwon if the batts didnt redeploy making that war bug just as frustrating for Eskon and i as it was for Erehwon). Grey and i situation worsed when he questioned my motives in an open forum ( In the war section under.... whats up with Erehwon) then the 12m was finished when i logged in after a few days and found UF had been captured by Faith and the fed didnt come to his aide.....i was furious and almost declared on the 12m for their lack of action but regained my cool.

Your master plan is a good one with opposing feds always keeping tensions in the world high certainly make the game more interesting but players seem to be afraid to lose a few of their countries and think that losing some corps and the destruction of some cities ruins a country which is just untrue. (when i lost all my corps in ssvv through war i rebuilt an economy that was earning 450tril a month in taxes in 3 rl weeks and the bombed cities were irrelevant......the rebels later destroyed my economy)Keith makes reference in this thread to Hand of God being ruined but it just needs some tlc. If you read the whole thread you will have read people posting that i shouldnt be attacking active presidents blah blah blah but they dont offer any help to keith in advice or even declare to keep the pressure on me. Henry complains about war but i only captured one of Keiths countries (for revenge....hehe and it was served cold)and i created this thread so people could have something to read and join in the war of words if they wanted the forum is half the fun of war. But i guess we maybe dinosaurs Avalon because im not sure people agree with us.

Finally the new war rules.........the only way i think war can be won is if people are short on ammo...its crazy, SB dont get through no more ( which is not a bug you just needed 500 Daab per city and corp to defend which was easy to do) so now during war your country doesnt even get damaged leaving negotiation irrelvant. Atleast if you could be damaged or captured player interaction was alot more important. I really think war is an important part of simcountry to keep it alot more interesting and it starts alot more BB threads and makes it alot more important to be in a fed and comunicate with the other players. Getting rid of the war limits on FB would be a good test to see how players react.

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