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Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Keith (SADDAM HUSSIEN) Fairbanks (Golden Rainbow)

Ash Shakh Durbatuluk (Fearless Blue)

Friday, October 29, 2004 - 11:42 am Click here to edit this post
War on GR is essentially worthless now. Attacks are not able to effectiving penetrate even a moderate defense and the ereeedxpense is tremendous.

It seems to have taken most people many months to reach the same conclusions I tried to jam down their throats and make as plain as their hands in front of their faces.
Sadly, it seems when they were convinced, they left.
And later had their empires absorbed by Faith, who might as well change his president name to "Golden Rainbow"...but thats another story (for later)

I think it isnt, and offers too many potentialties for abuse. You have yet to offer a single comelling reason to the contrary - or even attempt to do so as far as Im concerned.

Hmmph. Victors apparently write the history books in SC as in earth. My navies from both (actually all) wars on GR never were sunk. The navies of my second empire were sailed into port and destroyed before the country was conquered and they would beomce the property of a new owner, but that doesnt count

on the other hand I recall sinking several dozen fleets in my third war personally (and supervising/assiting in many more...), more than a dozen in my first, and at least a half dozen in my second (quite large ones too, I only stopped when I ran out of ammo :) )

Just to set the record straight :)

I think it isnt, and offers too many potentialties for abuse. You have yet to offer a single comelling reason to the contrary - or even attempt to do so as far as Im concerned.

Good soldiers never die.
They just get frustrated with the games reverse evolution (I rather like that phrase after seeing it in-game) and go on to other things after losing faith.

I believe that you should have found many samples of genetic material, fit for cloning, in the rubble of your original country, david...which briefly was the staging ground for some of the Avalonian Praetorian shock troops.
A goodly number of , ahem, working ladies who once were members of your nurse corps also had some fruitful relations with me...:)

I know that this games older players really want things like that to happen too, secretly, knowingly, or otherwise



The small number of active Presidents means:

1. An unrealistic simulation, given that C3 economies don't run well.

2. Like any business, you bet WC3 has an Operating Budget for Simcountry. It's easy to say it's based on a larger number of paying Presidents in GR than we have.

If they can't recover their costs, they'll have to deal with the low number otherwise.

W3c has been losing thousands of dollars a month for years on SC.
Jozi runs it from a personal interest in sims, and becasuse he can afford to.

removing most C3s (some could be left for CEOs) from the sim by setting their populations to zero would remove their stupidity and make the sim more realistic (and about 10 times as potentially fast)

The funny part of this was it forced me to join the 12 monkeys making that fed even more powerful then it already was.

Do you regret joining after I asked you to, rob?
If so, was it something I said?
I dont know if you remember, but I was trying to help you figure out and stop what was happening as they pummeled your empire with stupid bugs.
I also raged against the hypocrisy of the 'peaceful honest fed'-publicly, but of course it is gone now.

Avalon started a war against our federation simply because we were powerful and he liked a good fight. We destroyed his countries both times we were assailed whilst I was chairman. He also mobilized some powerful allies.

Again, rewriting history, perhaps to make your buddies sound bigger? :)

My first war on GR had me, myself, and I as an ally (although keith aka hand of god was tempted to join me...funny how things connect since he wa sthe main focus of this thread). Nobody knew who I was at the time, since fwe had been on FB. Ian was the main exception along with keith. Barely anyone knew a damned thing about war then, so it was ridiculously easy to kill their armies. And also note that I wasnt defeated until wiping out the airforces of 4 regional feds and bombing the piss out of a good half dozen countries...then offering peace, just to show what I *could* do

The goal had been to stimulate learning and acticity, but I certainly didnt expect to be killed by flawed nuke subs (and didnt use any until riiiiigggght before being killed, I rather liked musashi actually. honorable.)

and in my second death via still-unstoppable nuke subs (which had been falsely reported as fixed) HR was almost my ally, lol. Rather, he PLANNED to be my ally -and use me as a human shield to absorb the worst pounding the rest of the world could give me, then swoop in with his #1 army (by far) and wipe out the weakened former powers.

In fact hed decalred wars along with me, but when he saw that the subs were still broken, he did some serious politicing and convinced people that he never wanted to support me, and it was all a mistake. Or so it seemed.

Ive never understood how the heck dan could get people to do what he wanted, but somehow he kept doing it...



if anyone has actually read this, it should be a concise summary of what has been lost in SC. Activity, interest, strategy, banter, roleplaying (shame all the old threads are gone...just gotta say that for the thousandth time...).
My old posts arent even still around to show that I predicted it.
This game needs a lot of things, and badly, but chief amongst them are conflict and bug fixes.

actually probably what it needs most is a new admin. sorry jozi... :(

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