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Operation Socrates, Time for action (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Operation Socrates, Time for action (White Giant)

Leen Dierts (White Giant)

Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 02:45 pm Click here to edit this post
Operation Socrates has started with war-declaration on Isengard Eastern Outpost.

Officials from the joined stafs of the Imperial Defense Union stated: "There is one reason for this war and there are many reasons"

The one reason is fun. It is a game.

The selection of Isengard as target has many reasons. But the most important reason is because he is Attica aka Sir Alexander.

There are no intentions to destroy UCF. UCF is a learningplace for new players. Although the best way of learning is to lose a war…

Presential spokesmen denied that there is a personal conflict. Alexander just attracked the attention when IDU was considdering to deactivate all its offensive armor. Since warfare was not much fun and too difficult. Isengard is so to speek the place where all the offensive armor is going to be dumped.

Foreign affairs and diplomats have reported that the preparations for Operation Socrates are followed with great interest from other major players. War-economy is booming at the moment. So it is good for business too. The chance is big that other players will join the fighting.

The response of Alexander is not yet vissible. He presents himself as defense-expert towards new players. The name Socrates is based on the name of the teacher of Alexander the Great.
Spies have repported no clear commands or instructions to UCF-members until now. Eighter he had briljant plan, or he is not paying attention. It is a fact that Attica will learn from this. So we are doing him a favour...

A lot of UCF-members have allready received warnings, for if they want to stay out of the actions. Here is a last final warning.

Vote yes for evicting Isengards (start a voting round when there is none). An alternative is to leave UCF before the fighting starts.

If UCF-members want to join the fight (defending or attacking Alexander), they are welcom. But when you join you may lose your country. That is all in the game.

"All ships follow me"
(Karel Doorman 28 febr 1942, commander Striking Force van ABDACOM, American British Dutch Australian Command in the battle of the Javasea 28 febr 1942,

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