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What happened to the Ammo Market (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  What happened to the Ammo Market (Golden Rainbow)

General Dirt (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, February 26, 2009 - 09:19 pm Click here to edit this post
"alright dirt, you sure did tell me off, lol, go ahead, handle the newbs, show w3c who's boss...

you're funny, its like some one saying they are going to burn their house down, to collect on the insurance... some one says, "thats not a good plan," and then the first guy sets about to call them names because they aren't offering a better solution...

your holding onto one detail, let it go man, i'm sure it will do your ulcers good..."

Like I said above, your being a douche. Not becuase you disagree with me, but because you started out by calling names and being counter-productive. Your analogy sucks too, makes no sense and is in no way a good compairison to what we are talking about.

Be easy grasshoppa, I'm very frustrated with this game and am on the verge of true retirment...and I'd sure hate to let my MILLIONS of ammo go to waste...keep it up and you'll give me 1 more reason to smile.

To Zeba,

You wrote me with your ideas and I think they are very constructive. Thanks for posting them here. Seems most folks don't have ides, only words to tear down those who do. We'll keep in contact thru PM as before.

To JohnL,

You are very smart and dedicted to SC and I'm sure you have already found a way around to be profitable again. My problem is that a fella has to login at least everyday to manage the employment. We all have lives outside of this game and the way its set up, the game goes to shit if we step away for any length of time...sometimes we need a break. Also, the weapons being reduced in value is BS. I paid 390T for the ammo in my main and now its worth 310T and falling rapidly, how is this fair? what if I was stockpiling for the next war so I could use them to turn a profit? Its stealing on the behalf of GM, period.

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