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Allied Forces Federation is opening it's door fro the free world (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Allied Forces Federation is opening it's door fro the free world (Golden Rainbow)

Anton M (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, January 06, 2005 - 12:46 am Click here to edit this post
a bit of info for anyone else that might read this thread:

Country Do Not Shoot The Messenger owned by president God Speed, now known as Western guard under John Ls rule, declared on Boddichitta.

clip form newspaper:
Do Not Shoot The Messenger Daily Telegraph, Jun 19, 2246

International News

Federation declares war against boddichitta
Thu May 20, 2246 2 countries declare war on boddichitta
After a vote, all 2 members of the Fed Defence federation have declared war on boddichitta. Observers are concerned about this new outbreak of violence.
Fed Defence at that time:
Area 6, Do Not Shoot The Messenger

things that are very intersting:
-though he is new to the game (according to him) he declared using fed vote. it means his declaration was hidden from world newspaper and only appeared in local news. world news only showed AF declarations which in fact are triggered war traties.
-he must have known who is attacking. there are plenty better inactive countries to take, but he chose to pick on a member of large active fed.
-Area 6 that declared together with him is owned by Chappy. this guy has plenty of low-end countries and logs in very rarely. i was online when war treaties were exectuted and immediately went looking what happened. when i found the agressor, Area 6 already left that fed. coincidence? he might have been draged along cos God Speed used fed voting, but his respone was lightning for someone that is largely inactive.
-all countries belonging to Chappy. are located on Matt.s main federation doorstep.

Do Not Shoot The Messenger wasnt meant to be conquered. John L did it anyway. i trust him to have good reasons why he did it. considering God Speeds response here i am certain now, he did the right thing.

as for AF true colors. we are prepared to help new players to learn the game and grow and eventually became respected AF members. but declaring on us isnt the kind of membership application we had in mind. i am prepared to supply God Speed with a nice country (much better than he had) to start with if he wishes. as a token of good will, not as an apology or compensation of some sort for conquering his.

-LF, AF member

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