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Federation of Federation---GR Feds ONLY (Golden Rainbow)

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Matt Crouch (White Giant)

Sunday, December 19, 2004 - 01:48 am Click here to edit this post
You criticizing GR from another world does nothing to help those of us here.

This remains to be seen.
Very soon I expect to not be actually playing simcountry, but focusing on metagame issues. These issues will inspired to an extent by my 'criticisms' and will heopefully help everyone, yourself included.

Faiths dominance is due more to players quitting than lack of players coordinatng properly against him, per se (although that is also a factor). He inherited the graves of those who had left. Simple as that. His position is what is it is because 1) he obviously has a lot of time, 2) he is a kleptomanaic when it comes to country possession, and cares about himself first rather than others or the community (hence the multiing, and taking the countries for himself instead of giving them all away), and most importantly 3) He stayed.

The "Extinction" (rather, mass quitting and slow lapse into inactivity) of the monkeys and other large feds - all of them really - is more important than anything else. Personally i think this slow drawn out death of GRs playerbase was due to the increasingly noncompetitive nature of the game. my own failures exacerbated this, perhaps a great deal, as well as opening up a power vaccum. alas.

a plausible # 4) would be his willingness to abuse flaws in the game for his own personal benefit. I wont bring it up in public here until said falws have been fixed, but rest assured I am not making things up.

Again, superfeds kill the game. Faith is a superfed by himself, of the worst kind.

Would he really like to be challenged? Honeslty, I doubt it - not a REAL challenge which meant he might lose. He seemed quite nervous the last time around. And of course it is not possible in the current ruleset. Your intrigues and plans, about which I know a great deal, regarldess of which world I play on ;) , are all useless whispers in the dark. Likewise, Faiths paranoia (or lack thereof) is also needless and useless.

I think everyone should quit GR until the rules are changed. Several (major) long term players there agree with me. they will either leave themselvs or will stay only because they cannot resist the power of their own inertia.

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