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To knights - Do some fight? (Fearless Blue)

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No president (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, December 12, 2004 - 03:02 pm Click here to edit this post
first of all, that multi you have already destroyed was just aguy who wrote us that we wants to tease RE. so we joined him. so and what?
does it make us cheaters?

yes, there are more people playing, because we told for more people about it, is it illegal?
if you will check their ip, it will differ from ours.

and as far as i am concerned, RE was the first to declare war on pavelow slave. and you expect us not to react, when war is declared, it is the way they destroyed ground team ltu, knight tols us, it is a mistake, we will not attack you, but they did, so don't expect us to be calm when war is going to start.

if man doesn't strike first, he is the first struck. we learn from past mistakes.

and if during a war we log in one after another, just to help each other, does it make us cheaters. would any of you your country undefended during attack or if your fed mate needs assistance?

to conclude everything:
1.solaris, jupiter ,phoenix was cheater, he is dead now. and we evicted him, before he was defeated.
2.we are 3 players on 1 pc.
3.more playing, less talking

p.s. sheik yerbootie wrote:
the knights would agree to a ceasefire until this issue is resolved, but only if Ground Team LTU agrees to it.
and after 6 hours took one my country. sounds fair? i say knights can't be trusted, so i won't make any deal with them.

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