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To knights - Do some fight? (Fearless Blue)

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Sheik Yerbootie (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, December 12, 2004 - 01:53 am Click here to edit this post
this was posted by reverse evolution on our site about the war:

Those who dont know why this war startted, i`ll explain here.
After i had little fun with Pavelow in WG with allready dead country i noticed him and his allies taking slaves rapidly in same area where my countries are located.
I was wondering are they building up just to attack me, and when they took my neighbouring country i declared war on one recently conquered slave to see how they react. (as a sidenote i didnt shot a single bullet to his country)

As soon as i did that, our multie declared war with Jupiter,Phoenix and Solaris against me. He sent me identical messages from each his countries and i started to wonder if he`s a multy. Login times were all within few minutes, and when i took out Jupiter i founded undeleted messages there from NSA members.
Those messages revealed that they were against me and after Jupiter fell Pavelow and rest of the folks declared war on me. Funny thing is that in those messages ppl told to delete them asap.

That guy who controls Phoenix and Solaris is obvious multie and even Pavelow admitted it when Avalon asked. Unseen tryed to prove that they have no plans against me while i had proofs on Jupiter, maybe he thought multie had deleted those messages.

now I agree that it entirly possible for them to be telling the truth. multies don't generally send messages to each other, but that doesn't mean that some or one of them might be a multi.

I agree that login times is not proof of cheating, but it is evidence of it. this evidence is pretty convicting too.

but, That guy who controls Phoenix and Solaris is obvious multie and even Pavelow admitted it when Avalon asked. that line in the statement shows that pavelow knew that one of his friends cheated. did he know? or did he do it himself? or did they all contribute in a conspericy to commit multi? Phoenix was accepted into the federation, somebody had to know about the cheating. now if they all knew about it, how can we trust them to play together in the future?

Groud team LTU had only 4 members when the knights first attacked them. only two were played and had a few slaves. the other two were single countries that, if memory serves, were inactive or atleast unplayed. now there are 7 differant members, 4 of them have empires and a few are single country but all active. anyone notice a pattern to thier strategy? is everyone in your school bored enough to play this game?

the knights would agree to a ceasefire until this issue is resolved, but only if Ground Team LTU agrees to it.

the issue is, are you playing fair or are you cheating?

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