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To knights - Do some fight? (Fearless Blue)

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Lord Mndz (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, December 09, 2004 - 02:17 pm Click here to edit this post
i agree that multies shouldn't breake the rules of game. But you should agree that for very new players is a very difficult to start play normally, so they are trying to teach everything very fast(now it is only 8 days). All world's strongest players should agree with unofficial statement that only multies should be destroyed that have enough expierence and are trying to break rules by doing something not for starting game expierence. About Reverse Evolution - this war was not my fault. he started to attack my best friend biconas(as known as PAVELOW) because reverse lost 2 wars in WG. I tried to stop this but events took the place first. So i joined war with some my countries just for trainings :)

For Sheik Yerbootie : I don't need help, just trying to teach somebody how to fight or how to built good defence. In Pauksciu Takas i was too late.. and i had no expierence for that.

For All Knights: Some your actions are stupid, because you want to do what game masters should, or Feeling like Gods? 2nd Let the players play how they want to, there are no rules of what your war and assets rankinks should be. What are you, trying to set your special rules?

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