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Allied Forces federation--Open for membership (Golden Rainbow)

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Matt Crouch (White Giant)

Sunday, November 07, 2004 - 07:09 pm Click here to edit this post
oh please.

None of you can fight.
You can OWN the big fat clubs, but you can only attack with toothpicks.

Faiths Multi-ing has permitted him to absorb a large percentage of the former empires on GR and therefore a significant fraction of the entire planetary economy (frankly, I feel that it has ruined the game on GR; but w3c deserves the blame for their stupid stance on multi-ing, not Faith).
This in turn means that he can simply outspend people death..if he is patient enough and active enough, simply by buying everything on the market with his empire.

I suppose you could call that "winning", but its a pretty crappy victory if you ask me.

And as for yall in the AF....that trick (see above) only works in one direction; you cant do a damned thing and you know it. Arrogant faith me be and sound, but go ahead and try to prove him (and me) wrong.

He is the global-empire version of a spoilt child; he can take whatever he wants and theres nothing you can do about it. The limits protect him more than they protect you-that is, they protect the bigger person rather than the smaller (regardless of what Jozi thinks)

I dare you.

In fact I double-dog-dare you. :)

Then when youre done, come back and talk to me, together we can have yet another go at working on Jozis mind.
Failing that you can come and play in limited sandboxes on FB.

@Rob -now you see why I used thatothermatt :)

As soon as Im not too lazy, ill send you some nice interesting private messages. I promise.

PS-I am flattered that you wouldnt call me crazy, given that you know me reasonably well and spent a lot of time in chatrooms with me. :)

@John-sorry, im just a wanna-be.
Ive already tried to root out the evil on GR. I failed miserably. Recently, I have been told that I am a defective simcountry version of "the one" from the matrix. I suppose thats about the best thing that could be said about me :P

I prefer to focus my efforts where I am able to delude myself into believing they might have some effect, thank you very much. Hence I will take perverse joy from the afar in watching the bitterness I feel spread as others inevitably come to share my views ;)

If Faith attacks you with avalon though, or a numberof the ex-monkey countries, give me a holler. I still maintain secret relationships within the occupying government, and freedom fighters are waiting to strike on my command ;)

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