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In search for federation and common market (White Giant)

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Ahmed Hazem (White Giant)

Saturday, October 23, 2004 - 12:43 pm Click here to edit this post
Calm down Karma, I totally agree with you on what you say. However, I don't agree any of what you said coincides with what Bush did in Irak. Pre-emptive is fine, especially when you tell the bad neighbor to back up or else.

But I am sure you can see Bush didn't have Irak as a bad neighbor (anyway N. Korea was a closer fit to that description), didn't use declarations for avoiding the war but rather as a show of force, continued to war even though Irak backed up (from having the minimum image of sovereignty), and wasn't amassing power or WMDs, nor even capable of defending itself not to discuss presenting a threat to the USofA... This laughable misery of the USofA army facing more difficulty dealing with the Iraqi people more than they had dealing with the fearful US-threatening Saddami war machine.

Again, what you said makes perfect sense and I totally agree with it. I posted this to explain I meant Bush-logic not pre-emptive logic in my comment.

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