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What is Simcountry?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 - 05:05 pm Click here to edit this post
The competition of some respectable friends is running out of creative ideas ...

Who's idea is greater? asked Cajeme Leyba ... Jossi's or Bad Karma's idea, but it was no idea ...

With the assumption of a better real life we can make our simworlds look more and more real ... at least where real world deserves such an attention in our fiction games.

In real world the financial index is a measure of incapacity of some countries like Brasil (huge, artificially indebt) ... and - in the centenial capitalism world - the slavery is the factor that counts, not the Las Vegas illusory successes ...
In our game we introduce the financial index, but trying to put the competition in it's real place between positive values and far from negative indexes. In real world being the boss of Brasil's negative index would make you one of the most rich capitalist in one day only ... in our simulation it matters to be the president who achieved a positive financial index. Are we fair enough? Is it this enough? We will see later ...

For now I must say that in a fairy trusted world - not the real one where we live in - the financial index is not the most important factor to decide the ranking of a country. A country with a small negative fin. index can and is desired to be more impressive than another with an index of 1000%. Why is this happening?

Because the financial index is not a measure for a healthy and strong economy as is advicing us the documentary tables of the admins (not changed much in the past and not even true ... like the game has still plenty of bugs, these tables have plenty of lies). Well, then what is important for the economists of a country: employment index, business index, markets index, production quality index, production effectivity index, welfare index per corporation, salaries, corporation's loans, shares etc Top priority is given to Assets index. For example if my country opens a new building site for Construction (and not one, may be five or six), hiring at only 10%, my country's population will move easilly between their freetime needs and the various jobtime locations, also the employment index is rising not only from the fact that I employed more people, but because I offered a surplus over the demand, my country will be also well-known as offering jobs for immigration ... and the more building sites I open, the more are trusted the economical aspects of my country and this will influence my assets, all corporations rated in my country will have higher market values than similar corporations from countries with poor employment and management. Are assets the most important factor to decide who's who in this game? I think it is.

Then what are good for the huge financial indexes we have right now? Most of them are obtained through extortion or exploitment, through a use of non-ludic, aggressive factors we have available in the homepage control panels. I think the financial indexes are good to express the militaristic or aggressive potential of a country, the aggressive or rude potential of a player ...

We are playing for fun aren't we, so we will not exclude the financial indexes from the game, but we will count them more for the war part of the game. I would suggest you and others to ask Jossi to use the financial index as a measure of "standing-up" potential of a country inside federations ... the countries in a fed will be listed in the order of their financial indexes showing who is fresh ready for a war and who is not or is already safety covered with MBillions of MIBs ...

In my opinion the Assets should rank the first countries in the top, the war index combined with a fresh high financial index will rank the next countries in the top (having the assets targets ahead will make the game more atractive) and, finally, the war index with a low financial index will rank the rest of countries to the bottom of Top list ... at least this is what we have now available: war index, assets index, financial index.
The significance of the social security index should be increased gradually for more developed countries (ranking on high assets) ... and the health index too (if improved with a Self Made Man Progress "Organisational index").
The significance of the health index should be gradually increased for those ranking on high war indexes.

More about later after you will understand at least a fraction of what you are doing when you are doing it, or at least a fraction of what I am writting when I am thinking ... in your place.

For now I agree with Jossi and I like his changes made on 14 Mars with the corporations, in the favor of public corporations and private shareholders ... changes that will drastically affect the financial indexes of the egotist players involved in a wargame competition on the bases of such a great volume of data ... if you want a war why don't go down to streets and fight there, if you want some more accept first this idea: on earth there are many other kinds of people than your kind and many other things to learn or needed, waiting to be created ... war is just for fun. Ahhh except for the mad kind of people, the capitalist fundamentalists ... for them the war is serious and financial indexes too.

(Best friend in the city!)

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