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Upcoming Corp Changes (White Giant)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 - 02:09 am Click here to edit this post
The upcoming changes to corps; as reported in the game updates for today, is the biggest slap in the face for presidents on all worlds. I'm not only against it, but will do all in my power to see that it either is A) no implemented or B) removed shortly after being implemented. To do so I use this board to list the many upcoming activities several presidents have already agreed to, what many presidents will be doing, and create a poll (tomorrow is when I can create one) to have it stopped.

Now on to the evil activities; W3 read carefully, thank you for making much of this possible with recent game changes and also your inability to stop one particular use of CEOs....

A) A once time honored use of CEOs back when they were not attacked by Civil Unrest or Rebellion is useable to bypass this particular game change as well. For those that do not recall or do not know how to do it, I will give you the complete step by step process here.
1) Create a CEO, build the requisite 6 corps (make them corp types you want for your country).
2) Bid on a fully developed corps in your home country, and slaves so long as they are of different types. While your doing that continue building corps and preparing them for later use of the type you want in various C3s/Inactives. This will make things go by much faster.
3) Once you hit the 3 corp limit in your home country/slaves move those corps out to C3s/inactives so that you can continue bidding on more corps.
4) Now you'll have to replace those corps to keep your employment up and taxes rolling in so just build corps to replace those that are moved out.
5) You'll also need to replace the money your CEO is paying to buy all those corps, so dont forget to transfer in as much money as possible to those corps from your country before the auction ends. Your CEO can then transfer that money out and use it to by more of your corps.
6) Once your CEO is full of corps to replace all the corps you HAD before this stupid change, have the CEO move ALL the corps you want in your country at one time, there is no limit to how many can be moved if it is all at one time. Log into your country and accept the requests.
7) After getting all those corps are moved in, you can close the remaining corps that are state owned that you had built just to keep the employment/taxes up. This will open up your work force to be employed by the more efficient CEO corps.
8) Congratulations, you now have a country of only CEO corps that can be upgraded to 100/100 making more money and using fewer works. Since they are all under your CEO, you still control everything about those corps. You have bypassed this change and everything is all good.

B) As has been pointed out, there has been a long standing resentment between Presidents and CEOs. One side only uses CEOs to be abused while the other actually plays them (many time in conflict with Presidents) With recent changes CEOs are more vulnerable than ever to being *attacked*. As such, presidents have already started preparing and arranging for all out war against them, and the door is always open for more to join in the fun. Here is how to do it....
1) Being how not everyone plays on every world, you can *attack* CEOs by Regging/DeRegging countries. How that works is that if you dont have a country on say WG, you Reg a country on WG that has *Played* CEO corps, then dump supplies on them to cause massive debt. Once the CEOs corps are gone, dereg and move on to the next country.
2) For those that already have CEOs, their own *abused* CEOs can aggressively bid on and go after the corps of *Played* CEOs. Since such CEOs mean nothing, you can just dereg and rereg a new one.
3) For those that already have countries, you can actually go after and destroy CEO corps with your military with little cost, no loses, and great success. This is alittle more complicated, and you'll have to send me an ingame message at Karmantium on White Giant to get the skinning on how to do that. This one W3 could make changes to prevent hence the lack of detail.

So when the poll goes up to have this particular change stopped, vote in favor of stopping. Be it as a President, or even as a CEO to protect yourself from those things being done. Such activities will not be actively persuded until the game change take effect. Send emails to the gamemaster protesting the change, or post in agreement. Posts against this will be frowned upon, and its possible bad things could (not a threat, its just possible something bad COULD happen) to your CEO/Country.

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