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The Balanced Equation: What causes stability in war games...W3READ! (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The Balanced Equation: What causes stability in war games...W3READ! (Fearless Blue)

Doublestar (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, March 10, 2005 - 06:14 pm Click here to edit this post
The Balanced Equation
What causes stability in war games?

In every war game, whether game system, internet, pc game, etc., players expect rewards for their hard work. Players expect results from their laboring efforts. Limits only make us tense and disappointed and eventually dropping our enthusiasm for the game. War Game? What do you (staff) think of when someone says "come check out this war game?" You think large armies (needed to win great wars), much activity (highly competitive), Huge potential (great benefits), Fun (enjoyment and satisfaction). No one thinks of limits (brick walls to prevent further growth), freedom impairing rules (less realism), tiny militaries (smaller military resources), instability (constant major changes at a higher rate), burdens (no fun), quiet (barely any competition). (question to W3staff) If the second group of thoughts are thought about it still a real simulation war game? Look at the world and compare, you'll be shocked the answered may come to be no.

Growth cannot exist without the "freedom" to grow. 1st goal, maybe im not interested in wars, but only in creating the best economy on the game....ooops cant there's a limit there. 2nd goal, maybe I just want to fight for freedom and play with my friends in defences.....ooops excuse me, forgot about the limits. 3rd goal, I want to become the most powerful nation in the major limits (including the first two limitations). We are angry (we being the players) because we are losing our freedoms. All that we desired in the game, all the potential in the game is leaving! We are losing our freedom to use what is provided for us. We are pelted with burdens and penalties, when even the goal of the simcountry game states for us "to try to win!" We can understand the #1 person getting penalized so othes can move up (penalized with debt that is), but why do you penalize us for succeeding in a game where you want us to reach the top in or at least you want it to be real (simulation game).

Not Reality
You want real? Reality causes things to get bigger, grow larger, and more numerous. What your servers cant handle it? we understand, but what makes us angry is shooting for an extremely unrealistic goal (3 Million population countries, with the largest to not exceed 30 million, as you have said to me).What? wheres the fun in that? We want empires. Empires have massive armies. We could understand a limit at 100,000,000, but 30 Million? Is that injustice? yes! How do you expect a new player to grow and even pose the slightest threat with a three million population country? Ooohh look at me, ill throw my bullet at you...Im too small to carry a gun (being sarcastic). Learn something from the real world, especially from america; Where there is freedom, there is potential to growth, and then comes successful people, with much competition.

You want us to not grow too large? You want us to be reduced? remove the limits. With many nations and freedom, comes " wars and rumors of wars". The constant battles, conflicts, and goals of many players ( who would join the game out of pure thirst for it's greatness) would converge on the battle field. Players who identify themselves as "democracies" would be numerous, and more than enough to protect the worlds. Warmongers would fight each other for constant challenge, this would keep a balanced door of world powers, constantly shifting. New players would be able to grow easily and compete in the world powers balarina competition, :). Competition. If you add that, you wont need the limits. Remember the wars of the EA (Earth Alliance). Remember when the EA grew to massive sizes (rumoring of empires filled with 50 countries per player). Who stopped them? Limits? NO! NO! NO! NO! AHHHH NO! (sorry). Who? Competition. With the ability to grow many players joined the battle (which made the game extremely more fun and addictive) and the EA was eventually defeated. No one has ever achieved what the players of those days achieved, which is Competition. No one achieved it after them because of the limits. Do you think when we cry out for help to the bulletin board we are distressed? Did you know, though we have our nations conquered, we enjoyed it? Like me. I had 6 countries growing in Draca Mixor. The Doublestar Dynasty was the main country with 40 Million population. I was invaded by a (reconciled friend) player. Do you think that bothers me? sure my little empire is gone, but I would have it no other way. If I take their freedom of attacking me, then I take away my own freedom. Competition is a free-limit. It has a revolving door of huge free potential, with the succeses of many colliding causing them to be reduced by more challenges. WE NEED COMPETITION! You want competition, remove the limits ( I say this on behalf of the new players).

FUN FUN FUN. Where is it? Not here! Whats the point of sitting with a country? to watch numbers change? To watch indexes rise? How boring! There are some of the most successful players on the game complaining! Why? ITS BORING! We have many people just fighting c3's now, and barely winning or inactive players (again speaking on behalf of new and small players). Wheres the fun in limits? Wheres the fun in no competition? If you were a track runner, you would have no fun constantly running against yourself. Well thats how many are starting to feel. We like war games and I personally thought this was the greatest game on the internet! Thats has recently changed. Sorry, thats just the facts. Other games allow you to grow. They are real and real fun! is no longer fun. I said that before and you moved towards fun for about a week or two, but after that, you doubled your efforts to make the game a burden! "No we didnt!" Ok, then why are we complaining? If it was fun, we wouldnt be.

Personal plea to the Simcountry Staff, Jonnigil please get them to read this!

From Doublestar:
"Hello. In the year 2001-2002, I was searcging online for a fun game. Everything was only temporary in others and the fun quickly drained out of those other games. One day I fell upon the greatest game I have evr played! Better than playing with computer acting militias, because I found a game with realistic attributes, fun themes, and live players. I fell in love, yes, with simcountry. I have been one of your staunches supporters, willingly. (So we didnt ask you to be). I know, I chose to be. I defended the best game online. Now I decline my support in disappointment.

A game is measured by the level of fun the players have. The best games have the highest levels of fun. If not then its not a game at all, only by description then. Simcountry, is a game only by description now. Sure there are still alot of GREAT things in the game, but the overall feeling of the game isnt fun anymore. We as payers feel anger and disrespect when we see our efforts thrown down the drain. Sure, as I have said, there are many good thinngs which I love about the game, and so does other players, but the things I dont like has a huge impact on the overall game.

Please listen...and ask yourselves, " Why did we create the game?" Whats wrong with having large armies and having fun? Here something I borrowed from Homicide :"We are the players, we determine if the game is a success or a failure." this is true. If not then you would be playing it just for yourselves. CNN cant say they are a success if they are their only viewers themselves (just an example). Neither can you. Well I said all I had to say. Man, I miss the fun in the game. I miss the days where I was addicted to the game. LOL "those were the dayssss (singing)."

Things needed:
Growth 15%
freedom 20%
competition 30%
realism 10%
FUN 25%

Goals for the game:
1. Remove the milits to attract more players
2. With the newly gained freedom, help new players gain a great deal of tips in the game.
3. Encourage competition, and promote the game to get others to join. Attract them with the "Rule your own nation and gain an empire" theme.
4. Gradually watch as many more players become more involved in the game and watch competition increase. Dont worry about the activity of world powers, they're tired of fighting puny ones, they want to fight each other (without the limits and burdens of the game).
5. The choice is yours. What do you decide. Please respond. Players please add to this. How do you feel about simcountry?

-Doublestar with concern.

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