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Half the Defence (Golden Rainbow)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Thursday, March 10, 2005 - 01:16 am Click here to edit this post
Agreed Nimz, I knew I forgot part of my rant. If you want to raise limits, just raise the limits.

Larsson) What he means is that everyone just replaces whatever Defensive weapons are halved. You yourself are probably in the process of doing so. So you end up going against the same number of weapons, that are twice as strong, with the same 10K limited weapons.

1) If they halve the offensive weapons then nothign is different from before halving anything. All the weapons require more manpower, meaning fewer total weapons for offense and defense. So if instead of 20K Ints and 10K NFP you would have 10K Ints and 5K NFP. You can argue that you can simply buy another 5K NFP, but at the same time you can also buy 10K more Ints. It will simply come down to who has more Pop to be able to field those more costly weapons in useable numbers. This protects the large countries (who can field defenses to stop 10K) and hurts the small countries who wont be able to field an offensive force of any kind.

2) Those same players that have 50K batts, ints, etc are keeping their numbers at a point were they are invincible to attack. So it makes sense then to carry that, and I doubt they are all kept active. At 50K of each you can activate 5K a month; so if you kept only 25K active you can go up to 40K before the war started. That is one mean defense, especially if its one of several such countries in an empire.

3) What I meant was when you consider everyone just rebuys what they lost. Your probably doing it yourself. So there arent less to kill, there is the same number. They just kick your ass better than ever.

4) Your explanation of the 1 : 4 ratio actually proves my point. 1 on 1 the weapons are indeed at a 1 : 4 ratio currently. The thought is that by halving them would mean fighting half the units so bringing it back to an even fight. We all know that isnt going to happen however, and your going to fight the same number of units as before, keeping it at a 1 : 4 ratio.

Stop the halving stuff, it doesnt work. Just remove or raise the limits. Easy, simple, and effective. Who knows, maybe if you stop the halving now 4M pop countries just might be able to build a decent defense and an offense strong enough to a take a C3. =/

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