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Half the Defence (Golden Rainbow)

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Bad Karma

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 - 06:21 pm Click here to edit this post
No worries about flaming anyone, I would just like to point acouple things out to you first.

1) Defensive weapons are being halved. They are being made twice as effective as well. So 10K of whatever is as good as 20K of the old. So ineffect your facing the same defense after the halving, so no change in how effective your attacks will be. Offensive weapons are not being halved and strengthened. So they are still struggling to to do anything. I'll give you some verified numbers in IRC, your going to be pissed.

2) If 60K ints could stop 30K NFP on FB before changes, then 30K new Ints would be able to stop 30K NFP. What makes the situation almost comical is that once Ints are cut to 30K, everyone goes out and buys another 30K. So now you have 60K Ints, that fight like 120K of the old Ints. I pointed this out earlier in the post. MIB numbers will be the same at the end of the week as before the change. The market is spitting out 40K a month and the shortage has barely moved. Same deal for the missiles. This makes defense twice as HARD to get threw.

3) The weapons I listed are all that you need. Others weapons can be useful, but only in specific situations.

4) Your making the same assumption Josi is. By making manpower requirements for defensive weapons go up, people will carry less defense. As pointed out, people carry their massive defense first; replacing what they lose to these halvings, then worry about an offensive. Since offensive weapons will need to be halved and powered up to keep pace with the defensive weapons then you have a situation were literally nothign has changed. 1/2 the defense, 1/2 the offense, once they are brought back to 10K limit numbers your at the same point as before the changes.

5) Check out C3s, new regs, and reset countries. Their starting militaries are at 77 to 96 Defense Index. Much stronger than before in countries half the size as before. (this just for those wanting higher maintance costs) That new startinig defense costs 25% or more of the total income of the country in maintance costs.

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