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Half the Defence (Golden Rainbow)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 - 01:17 am Click here to edit this post
Woohoo Now I get to go off on my tangent about this since its already started

Sheik, you once again prove that you do have the capacity to think logically on occasion, your right about the *strong players* =)

On to the rant #1...

Doubling the weapon requirements does absolutely nothing EXCEPT, make the strong players stronger and the weak players weaker. 10K limits are 10K limits when countries have the EXACT same number of each defensive weapon as they had monthes ago. Within a real life week I wouldnt be surprised to see total MIB numbers back to nearly the exact same number, at least in the countries that will survive to see next month.

This is how effective halving MIBs has been in reducing their number on WG...

Missile Interceptor Batteries 6.23M $E per battery 4,994 77,449 -72,455

Within the first few hours of the change, nearly 80K MIBs have been ordered to replace what has been lost. This doesnt include those that have CEOs shipping them into countries, or countries with huge Batt stockpiles shipping them out either. I expect that number to probably double by tomorrow morning. Maybe the game change was just to help a player whom secretly has the MIB market covered on all the worlds.

The players that will suffer however are those with small countries. They cant afford to have the numbers of *super* batteries needed to be effective and still have a profitable economy. The manpower and cash costs are just too great.

Rant #2....
By doubling the manpower requirements for weapons more resources are put into Defense. People first put up massive defenses, then worry about going to war. If these changes continue, war is going to be phased out of the game completely as no one will have the manpower to carry an effective offense. Maybe that is their goal, to phase out war.

If that is the case I foresee every world turning into GR with its massive 588 player owned countries. Guesstimating the average empire there is 7 countries that means there are only about 84 accounts on the world. Take out peoples multiple accounts and your talking probably 50 actual people. Big reason for that is because it is more or less an economic world and the war aspect given up long ago. Economy gets boring, there are few things you can do with it, and never anything *new*. With the recent changes once you hit 50M pop, you will never have to buy infrastructure or build corps again. With auto everything you will never have to check those corps again. Basicly you'll have no reason to log in as nothing will ever change. With that, those on GR that play there simply because they have been there for so long, will start leaving. What is the point to a country when you have absolutely nothing to do with it.

The Player Communities solution that they have been screaming since the dawn of limits is....

War is the only variable when it comes to what you can do with a country. So STOP messing around with doubling weapon requirements and do what EVERYONE knows has to be done. Remove ALL limits completely from the worlds. Yes the small countries will be at the mercy of the large ones, but that is the case now as only large countries can carry the weapons needed for war. You have to get over the fact that small countries will ALWAYS be the bitches of big countries. This latest attempt at appeasement was once again another change to slow down big countries, that will only make it easier to pick on the small ones anyway.

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