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W3C ??? General Cost of Government RISE??? (Golden Rainbow)

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Monday, March 07, 2005 - 09:39 pm Click here to edit this post
INTERRUPTED, is not nice to be interrupted while writting, however this may happen oftenly when you don't have Personal Computer ...
I must continue the idea from the last of my replies here:
- (in my country) Spending by the population, 2.48642 Billions
- Taxes paid by citizens, 0.82552 Billions
- Health contributions, 0.19745 Billions
- Education contributions, 0.00694 Billions

- Mortgage cost, 0.93029 Billions
- Negative investments in Housing meaning LOANS offered to the population (supported by the government, if no other specifications ... and I see none like these)
- Private Investments, New contributions by the population, 0.00138 Billions
- Pensions, New contributions by the population, 0.03179 Billions (this contributions may come only through certain accounts opened before by corporations and are represented only by rating "appreciations" of the Pensions Funds which are not retracted, returned to the population, or to the private, individual or collective, investors ... so, actually, if the Funds suffers a rating depreciation, there will be no possible new contributions from population, also, if the population retracts money from the Pensions Funds gains in the last periods of rating appreciations it means we don't have any new contributions to the pensions funds ... finally what I want to say is that the contributions by the population to the Pensions Funds do not represent an immediate outgoing spending from the Monthly Income of the population and will not be discounted from the Monthly Income of the population)

... These totals around 5 Billions ... and I may ask myself where are going the rest of money up to 6.5 Billions (Monthly Income of the population)

... I can still say that the monthly Mortgage cost may not be entirely (or always) discounted from the Monthly Income of the population ... in cases when the families are very poor the government may assist them and support a part or fully this Mortgage cost ...

So, I am saying these just to show how small is the connection between the "material account" box and the Monthly Income of the population and how wrong are the informations brought here by many players ... the population still has 1.5 Billions to spend and it covers to full the "materials sold" in my country, 4.17755 Billions ... though without a real reason, without at least a reason found into the explanations offered by Jossi, the country purchased materials of 10.69401 Billions ... with almost 6 Billions more (this happens every month from the registration of the country!) ... where are these Billions going Jossi is not able to answer ... but when I try to say where, players like Yerbootie (just a poor example) come here and say that (I refrain his diabolique tattoo) "the debt is generated in your common markets. especially if your paying 150% for the goods." I am sorry for you Yerbootie, I asked myself the population about common market prices and they said they are able to pay it and so they did up to 4.17755 Billions ... it was their will ... I still see no explanation for the rest of 6 Billions materials purchased by my country ... and how can 4 Billions materials sold represent at a price of 150% more than 4.17755 Billions ... or if it does, it still not grows over 6 Billions meaning a plus of 2 Billions ... BUT I REPEAT that I have a plus of 6 Billions, much, much more Yerbootie cowboy ... or any other player still interested in fictional descriptions filled with what their small nut head can absorb from the Trash Economy manuals or the current Sim-manuals too.

(Best friend in the city!)

... can be a coincidence that my FB country rank falls from One to Four right now when I am talking about what Jossi can and cannot or may be is not, I will still be Best friend in the city! :)

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