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W3C ??? General Cost of Government RISE??? (Golden Rainbow)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Sunday, March 06, 2005 - 08:15 pm Click here to edit this post
The material balance thing is totally f*cked. My main country on WG has never abused its Material accounting balance with the CM, I actually had contracts for along time to get the monthly goods in at -50% market with minumal quality. What did that get me, a material accounting with -16T. That is without any abuse and as much help as I could give it as I was trying to build a country with a positive material balance as I have never seen one of those. =)

Anton, you are correct. Goods bought for a country are indeed at best price. Countries get their goods after corps do as well, so that leaves only overpriced high quality goods for the country to buy. Those same goods that are bought at ridiculous prices are then sold to the population at market rate, and without quality taken into consideration, though quality is considered when buying the goods. This I am in the process of proving beyond doubt, so I'll have hard numbers for you soon.

On top of all that, it is known that schools, hospitals, military, etc use goods like HTS, Services, etc. For those goods your now paying twice. Once for when the country buys them threw the material accounting, and once for when that index uses them. Jozi himself has said that each individual index is not just for the buildings, and salaries but their supplies as well, so that needs to be changed.

W3, you instituted yet another unnecessary game change without first making the neccessary changes to make it viable. A knee jerk reaction and quick fix for a different problem. To solve that issue all you had to do was make sold goods go into the accounting and not cash (as is the case now). Also you have made a game change without any real warning. What you should have done is clear the material accounting for ALL countries to 0 before making it *important*. The material accounting has in some cases, been ignored for years.

**New Rant on a slightly Related Topic**
So what is the point to the Common Market now?

1) If you say to sell cheap goods to your country to help the Material balance, that means the corps wont make money, and also cant upgrade quality, leading to even less income. That means you will have little to no money in taxes to pay for other expenses, and what money you do have would have to go into keeping those corps open.

2) If you say to help the corps by selling to the country, then your corps make more money, you collect more in taxes, but then you pay all that back and more due to the material accounting debt.

3) If you say that it is to supply other corps in your country, empire, or others corps then your corps will make no money. Being how a fully upgraded corp can sell even in a green market at 280%, you make much more than if you were selling the same goods at 150%. At the same time your corps would be selling for less, and buying for more, much more. Most corps buy at 105 to 110% and goods that very from 140 to 290 quality. So selling at 150%, and buying high quality goods of 290 at 150% would mean that your corps are all quickly going to run up huge debt.

Basicly you have finally made the common market so destructive to a country that no one can use it and survive. Every change has its consequences, obviously none of these consequenses were considered. Lately all you guys have been doing is changing things, and then changing them back due to other changes. A perfect example is personel for weapons. You in effect had doubled limits (good thing) and in the process cut the number of weapons in half. But now those weapons take less people again and are showing up in the same numbers as before, in effect bringing us back to the same situation as before the personel increase and no change to limits. With that one all you did was half what older countries had built up and nothing else. Your just spinning your wheels going no where giving yourselves massive headaches and more work while pissing alot of people off in the process. =/

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