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What is Simcountry?

W3C ??? General Cost of Government RISE??? (Golden Rainbow)

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Saturday, March 05, 2005 - 08:52 pm Click here to edit this post
... the debt comes from high salaries in the country, the highest salary is leveling the welfare in the country (pay attention that welfare is different from a corporation to another and all may be different from "welfare totals" shown in the country homepage), higher the top salary, higher the spendings of that category of population (they may buy two or ten houses, just for the use of one family, their kids may leave from aschool to another etc) ... and so high get the needs of the low level workers to reach or at least to adapt to that high welfare level, so the government spendings increase to support this low level category helping it to buy at least two houses when the top categories buys ten houses (this was an example of government support) ...

... the debt may come from the difference between high salaries in corporations and low salaries in governemental activities (schools, hospitals etc / all categories of workers - highly trained or low level - for governmental activities), difference that forces the govern to support the disadvantaged categories of population payed by governors ...

... the debt may come from low salaries in all the country (all categories of workers) and is caused this time not by a need of houses for low level workers or for any lowly payed worker category ... it is caused by a need of roads and railroads and water facilities (obviously in different ways depending on the special needs of the country) - if the country suffers from a shortage of bread, the population will run out from the cities to the nearest place to find bread or to replace it with something like that ...
... finally, the debt may come from a huge shortage of something needed by the population from a long time ...
... fortunately, the lowest salaries level in the countries, allowed by the game rules, will not drive the population to a rush for lower mortgage costs (for the reason that the current mortgage costs cannot be payed, people can't find enough money to pay for it)
... as general rule the debt is considered to come from the need of the government to govern and the only population that can be governed is that which has enough houses or roads or other products with acceptable prices, each one having enough money to spend and make his "welfare" specific to an activity (corporation or governmental - education, health etc) appropriate to the country's "welfare totals".
... I guess that the only thing we can do is to see Jossi giving us the chance to "lead" this part of activity from inside, instead of erasing it from the game (like some "simpeople" suggests).

(Best friend in the city!)

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