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Another Stupid Poll (White Giant)

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Friday, February 25, 2005 - 06:00 am Click here to edit this post
Subject: Increase Penalties In Peaceful Worlds
The relatively peaceful worlds of KB and WG have been invaded recently by hyper aggressive players who only play for war. These players keep their indexs in th 40's and 50's and just build militaries to attack everyone. vote yes to increase the penalties for poor economic play to draconian levels. Corporate damage every month in every corporation to force the FB types to play the whole game or go back to Fearless Blue.

I'm going to assume I'm the WG Warlord in question, not sure whom the evil one on KB is though...

1) WG had been the most active war world for along long time before they raised the limits on FB. Even now WG is more active than KB or GR, and can rival FB on some weeks. KB is where many people have proposed an all Peacefull world be built. Havent heard of much tyrany there though so I'm not sure what your talking about.

2) Those hyper agressive players arent recent. They have been on these worlds longer than you have been playing the game in all likely hood. That is a big reason why they are so big and so powerful.

3) Those hyper agressive players dont have indexes in the 40's and 50's. Big countries take care of themselves. They have well build and large infrastructures. That is the other part to how they got big, and are able to support such large militaries. For along time I even had the highest indexes in all of WG before my point reduction venture.

4) Poor economic play? My main country is number 3 in economy. To carry a large military you need lots of extra income. Those hyper aggressive presidents have some of the best streamlined economies in the game. No extra corps, maximized defenses, and maximum pop available for an offense.

5) Who would suffer those draconian penalties? Not me, not the other *hyper agressive warlords* either. It would be the smaller players with smaller newer countries. They would have to trade away everythign to get the workers for indexes right away, and then they would destroy their FI while building those indexes. All those extra workers into indexes, and the ruined FI means they cant build an offense, and their defense is going to be pathetic. If this poll goes threw, you just made the *hyper agressive warlords* job alot easier.

6) And finally, the part of the poll where you crucify yourself. I quote "force the FB types to play the whole game". Replace FB with economists and there you go. The whole game would include the war game. Obviously those hyper agressive warlords are playing the whole game, they are after all able to support massive militaries with massive economies. Its their *victims* whom arent. They are totally neglecting the war aspect, and so are paying for it.

Think before you put up a poll. Think before you vote for a poll. All I can say is that those *hyper aggressive warlords* actually laugh at polls like this together in IRC. You hurt the little people, and strengthen the stronger without realizing it. It is mainly the polls by the *hyper agressive warlords*; they usually fail, that are meant to help the little guy. The polls by the little guys meant to hurt the big guys; they usually pass, actually make the situation worse as what would hurt a big country hurts a smaller one much worse.

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