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All world Stats (White Giant)

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Daconia (White Giant)

Sunday, December 21, 2008 - 04:58 pm Click here to edit this post
Ok, these are Pres stats. I'm working on combined Fed stats but running into a great deal of difficulty in determining which branch belongs to which fed...if anyone has any suggestions for sorting out the different branches into their respective overfed...please let me know. So for THESE stats I considered individual branches as Feds.

All World Pop
John R2,408,153,770
Daconia 2,149,795,062
Croesus 1,744,166,817
Steven Ryan1,362,500,348
MysteryStyle 1,266,648,532
Tattooed Priest 1,164,318,688
Inoaikhan 1,055,709,090
Sir Michael 1,002,979,415
Fngorh 997,812,739
5 Star General989,023,238
Rob 988,769,468
Martock 988,447,911
Joseph Stalin 976,471,570
Yankee 955,850,302
Caretaker 943,720,805
Man of Peace927,218,844
Treasurer 912,488,919
Webspinner 880,396,590
jason 869,348,431
Danneh Turner859,075,299
Jinson Xu858,485,989

All World Production
John R21,419,848,384,190
Daconia 17,325,758,804,739
Croesus 13,623,412,331,643
Sir Michael 13,487,967,138,942
Martock 11,964,905,804,777
Tattooed Priest 11,117,106,429,032
Fngorh 10,945,914,395,786
Steven Ryan10,651,206,034,693
jason 10,524,837,538,743
Caretaker 10,143,344,000,079
Treasurer 9,695,606,909,000
Man of Peace9,356,403,183,931
E O8,879,919,902,293
Rob 8,611,970,564,475
Robert 8,300,498,977,880
Jinson Xu7,942,627,675,709
Orbiter 7,833,703,757,660
Danneh Turner7,635,328,366,085
Webspinner 7,429,002,732,697
Brian K7,255,517,821,356
Elaieva 7,222,179,181,404

All World Army

John R87,574,148
Treasurer 54,578,182
Caretaker 54,281,683
Tattooed Priest 52,695,620
Daconia 50,109,017
Croesus 49,292,789
Steven Ryan47,624,630
MysteryStyle 45,189,371
Kevin Henry44,189,339
Joseph Stalin 42,274,430
Inoaikhan 40,970,494
Man of Peace40,955,076
jason 38,007,618
Iain Daddy35,707,138
Nute Gunray35,506,969
Jinson Xu34,465,707
La Sombra34,423,277
5 Star General33,809,976
Jo Salkilld31,712,788
Fngorh 30,061,954
richard 29,899,255

All World Total Assets

John R3,778,018,332,606,840
Jinson Xu2,741,888,719,949,370
Daconia 2,000,348,177,841,800
Simon Dabney1,181,572,680,780,700
Brian K983,503,430,535,079
Steven Ryan858,570,696,465,171
La Sombra853,060,414,687,329
jason 804,118,051,452,489
Webspinner 776,675,682,925,102
Xaldin 743,456,140,312,748
Yankee 729,766,397,424,444
Elaieva 708,241,534,783,280
Kevin Henry596,248,763,862,532
wiseman rand 562,629,757,248,828
Johanas Bilderburg548,536,434,705,071
Just Spock545,940,326,500,760
Sean 541,873,029,226,069
Croesus 536,446,540,987,097
flasatos gimp533,236,552,658,807
John Q Public508,045,976,683,406
Hit_Man 507,499,123,834,043

Branch Stats


WGC Guardians1,373,737,263
Tempus Fugit Volare1,337,982,780
Valde Subsidium1,334,456,893
Tempus Fugit in D Minor FSoL1,311,624,893
CIS Command1,286,625,409
WGC AB AM1,232,425,990
Tempus Fugit South1,173,101,611
Cuckoos Nest1,116,799,800
Economic Powerhouse1,092,586,576
WGC Eridana1,015,793,301
Tempus Fugit Diem1,008,063,330
WGC HM1,002,898,081
Lacerta Defense Initiative985,458,760
WGC Lynx Minor969,180,631
Tempus Fugit Nox931,331,445
Seven Nation Army IV926,417,167
Imperial Defense Union892,838,884
Knights Of The Golden Rainbow867,817,634
United Confederation Crane York Branch865,300,728
Lacerta Safe Harbor843,908,166


Tempus Fugit Volare70,322,101
WGC AB AM61,182,357
Tempus Fugit Diem51,641,615
Lacerta Defense Initiative50,622,134
WGC Rapid Response46,567,661
Imperial Defense Union43,960,345
WGC Lynx Minor41,984,233
United Confederation Lynx Minor41,341,010
Cuckoos Nest41,324,655
Tempus Fugit South40,679,931
WGC Guardians40,595,543
Three Musketteers federation39,125,069
United Confederation Centura37,624,715
CIS Command37,534,494
WGC HM36,615,597
WGC Eridana35,582,867
Tempus Fugit in D Minor FSoL34,499,111
Valde Subsidium34,107,737
WPU World Headquarters33,771,425
United Confederation Crane York Branch33,736,466


Lacerta Safe Harbor2,160,415,747,078,060
Valde Subsidium1,578,274,409,508,200
Economic Powerhouse1,316,596,675,386,490
WGC Guardians1,229,454,386,917,560
White Highlands Collective1,152,248,835,163,910
Tempus Fugit Diem1,127,399,068,570,790
Tempus Fugit South1,003,252,520,416,230
Lacerta Defense Initiative945,087,616,175,540
CIS Command904,783,484,175,547
CIS Alpha877,327,689,173,575
Cuckoos Nest856,705,585,110,785
Imperial Defense Union834,454,422,206,044
Knights Of The Golden Rainbow826,350,741,228,107
The Protectorate789,049,531,894,975
United Nations Alliance714,344,388,443,425
WGC HM707,689,992,393,031
Tempus Fugit Volare622,113,707,619,446
Seven Nation Army Secured565,131,323,379,992
United Confederation of Perpetuality491,091,019,453,343
Paova Major United490,544,675,745,062

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