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Debate Topic: Environmentalism (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Debate Topic: Environmentalism (Little Upsilon)

William Ryan (Golden Rainbow)

Sunday, December 21, 2008 - 11:08 am Click here to edit this post
Adding up all anthropogenic greenhouse sources, the total human contribution to the greenhouse effect is around 0.3%.

From CO2 alone the anthropogenic contribution to the greenhouse effect is 0.12%.

Adhering to the Kyoto protocols (by ALL the signees) would reduce anthropogenic contributions by < 0.04%.

This is FAR below the natural variation in energy contribution from the Sun over it's 17 year (approx.) cycle, and below the effects of the natural yearly variation of other greenhouse contributing gases, most notably water vapor.

Finally, if a change in the greenhouse effect (from whatever source) were responsible for the warming that has occured over the last ~35 years the warming would first take place in the troposphere where the greenhouse effect manifests itself. This has not happened. There has been no warming in the troposphere, or at a minimum it has been trailing the warming in the lower atmosphere or on the surface.

Meanwhile, I like not having heavy metal poisoning -- not having a bunch of trash along the highway -- keeping waste chemicals out of the groud water -- etc.

So KUDOS to the tree-huggers for making our immediate surroudings nicer, like the catfish I catch not poisoning my children; but BAD! BAD! tree-huggers for trying to take us down a doomed economic path over a supposed doom we have no control over.

It's been hotter before (which historically has been very good for humanity) and colder before (which historically has been very, very bad).

I'm also upset with the tree-huggers for allowing malaria to kill many millions of people in order to save a few thousand (I'm being extremely generous with the 'few thousand' number, but heh, it's almost Christmas) from DDT. But hey, the dead were only among people who don't speak, look, or pray like us, and weren't going to make our Malibu or Manhattan parties anyway, so they really don't count.

I guess.

Anyway, please don't nuke my virtual citizens if you disagree with the harmless rantings of a dumb grunt. After all, virtual nukes are bad for the virtual environment.

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