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The retirment of General Dirt (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The retirment of General Dirt (Little Upsilon)

Capone (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, December 20, 2008 - 05:26 pm Click here to edit this post

Yeah you're right. I don't have 'buddies'. 'Buddies' come over to your house eat all your food and drink all your beer. And when shit gets rough, your 'buddies' are nowhere to be seen. You're totally right TP, I have none of those 'buddies'.

I have hundreds of LIFE-LONG friends. Brothers, if you will. These guys I have known for years, defended them, would jump in front of a bullet for. And they would do the same. You know nothing of true friendship, if you consider sitting in a boat fishing 'friendship'. You may very well choose to be his friend, but judging the way he acts, speaks to people, and the need for him to derive an ego out of a game, he is a sad, sad person.

As far as this e-mail BS goes, you can say what you want. It happened. He sent it. He should have been banned. Period, end of story.

Dirt, you have got to be one of the biggest assholes I know. There is stone proof that you sent it, yet you deny it because you don't want to feel the effects of this community. You and me, we know who the real liar is here. Keep that in mind. Sure, you'll come out and scream up and down 'Oh he's a liar, Oh I never sent shit'. But you know what, it's all good. Karma is a bitch son, and I hope the same happens to you someday. I guess then you will see why I am so pissed off about it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you see a 6 year old family member of yours open filth like that. But, no, you're right, never happened right? pfft.

Wendy, I have the logs, dated and time stamped. You said it. The truth has never come out of your mouth, so before I leave, I am going to make your credibility shit. Time to start backtracking princess nothing, because I got you in black and white.

Capone, it is still foolish to say that you're neice opened your game email. Your game email is also PASSWORD protected. Next I suppose you will say you were logged in tending to your account and had to get up to pee and that is when your neice got the message. How does she know here way around your SimCountry account so well? How old is she? Hmm, this raises a lot of questions.

Idiot. When you sign into a game, do you also have to enter a password to get your mail? No, you don't. It is highly common to sign in and walk away, do what you have to do, and come back to it. Look, your argument defending him is ludicrous at best. You think because a person YOU HAVE NEVER MET is a good guy because hes nice to you in a game? LMAO. You are, at best, the biggest sucker I have ever met. People are NOT inherently good, neither is your butt friend. Defending him and his already proven actions leads me to believe you are as bad as he is. Period.

On a side note: You mentioned a post where saber was talking about that site on the forums. Do you even realize how much we as a group chastised him behind closed doors for what he did? Sure, we joked about it on the forums, but in reality, he took a major hit from his friends about this. Same with the Wendy article on the LDI site, which was taken down at my request, as well as others. Some things are handled in private. I tried to handle this privately with you people in the past, but you got to have everything in public. Well you got it. I don't have to lie. Never been known to lie. If I say he did it, he did it. Hmmm, and all that backed by an apologetic in game email in which dirt initially admitted it, but then went back on that when he saw an opportunity to get out of it. You're the ones that have to live with yourselves, I could care less. In my mind, because of what he did, hes no better than a common criminal. People go to jail for what he did. He is extremely lucky I didn't get the proper officials involved, because I am not that guy. However, I will be sending all correspondence to the Dutch Trade Commission upon my exit from this game. I have been harassed unmercifully by certain members of this game, to which the officials in charge never did a thing to stop. And ultimately, I blame the GM's of this game. Their greed really showed on this one, choosing an open wallet against ethical business practices. If anything does happen to Dirt as a result of this, I will be happy. He deserves it. Nobody should be subject to the vile things that he and others have done, potty mouth or not. You people need to grow up and realize your actions have consequences. And as much as you'd like to convince everyone of the opposite, hurling obscenities on a public forum is not illegal, harassing someone and sending shit porn to people you don't like IS. TP, your argument is weak. No offense, but you are backing the wrong horse here.

It's a shame. I have been told you were a good guy. I guess people are wrong.

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