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Have a Problem With a Neighbor? (White Giant)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Monday, February 21, 2005 - 11:45 am Click here to edit this post
1) I was on FB, but am not there currently due to time constraints. I was actually one of the forces of *light* protecting weaklings from the *dark* Knights. I cant be a good guy on every world, that just wouldnt be fun.

2) I use my military only for economic purposes as well. I take your country, I get more pop, build more corps, have more money, and then buy more weapons. I also use my military to help arrange deals with neighbors that benefit my country economically as well. So I guess we arent that different in that respect.

3) Wasnt global, you were in Range of MRMB and almost RDU. Then it was 2 countries on 4 countries, not a very big fight at all. To tell you the truth I would have been fighting you soon anyway as I am purging my sphere of influence of anyone not SND or an ally of some kind to SND. In that case I would have sold your pop on the market/given it to fedmates and then just deregged the countries.

4) Score doesnt mean anything in this game. Hell I'm doing my very best to drop score. Killing indexes, trading in assets, etc etc.

5) I didnt rape your countries, I have ensured the future safety of Silver Edge 3, 4, 5, 6 citizens. They will be properly defended in the future.

6) I do benefit from this in several ways. The pop payment of course. Then there is my fedmate now able to build his own massive militaries right next to my own countries. That gives me alot more defense, and alot more hitting power against anyone close.

7) Cajeme is 100% right in what he replied to your 2nd post. "So we are supposed to not attack your undefended gold mine of an empire just because you ask us not to?" Economy is all good and great, but you HAVE to be able to defend yourself. Hell even Switzerland has an army, and allies that would help defend them. You had neither.

Lets look at the facts shall we? C3s have about 6 - 8M pop. There are no inactives with big pops left anymore. You had over 100M Pop. To build a real base for an empire you need your countries close together, yours were. It becomes even more difficult to find proper targets when your restricted to an area, for say fed support. You were in land range of me. So why bother with C3s when you were providing a golden opportunity for an instant empire with all the requirements? As you said "I could start over with one of those countries that is so pathetic that you wouldn't bother trying to attack."" That wouldnt be a very good base for a future empire now would it?

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