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Have a Problem With a Neighbor? (White Giant)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Monday, February 21, 2005 - 02:29 am Click here to edit this post
I'm going to respond to 2 posts at one time, this one (first) and the one from the War and Peace/Fed thread (2nd)...

Regarding the whole situation with you being attacked I dont think you quite understand the reason behind why you were attacked. It WAS your assets that were the cause. C3s dont have 30M pop, they have 6M. You cant sell, transfer, or build a large military with that. It was also your lack of defenses, 4 C3s feded would be pretty mean and definately not worth the effort. Your total fed was defended by about what 2 C3 would have.

Regarding Cajeme, he is abit soft right now. Hell I was giving him shit about it just the other day. Before he relocated however he had a military comparable to my own, and suspect it will be again in the very near future. To do that though he needs pop and well....

Regarding myself, I take offense to being called a *nuckle dragging bully*. That is more descriptive of HR. =) I offer my assistance to everyone. In all reality it is the weaker players that would benefit the most, as I can help them against those that are much larger and stronger. Hell I have even been known to defend and protect the weak.

Regarding my using a slightly larger military, as I said I could have done what I did in the same time period with only 10K NFP and 2K MRMB available to me. Those numbers would have been sufficient even with the loses I suffered considered. Your right that I am proud of my Military. Its not all that big however, as it is still not up to par with the largest militaries on GR.

Your right that it IS possible that you could have taken Cajeme IF you had your full offensive military active and IF he didnt get Fed Air Support. But you didnt, and he did. If your country was defended as well as your fleets you would have had one really mean defense. Your 2 primary navies had more naval batts than all all the regular batts in all your countries combined.

Reply to post from War and Peace/Fed thread....

If you going to play the war aspect of the game (conquer countries, not be a peaceful) you better be ready and capable to defending yourself. As you said you wanted to expand and develop your economy, Cajeme wanted to expand and develop his military. Building valueable countries is the quickest way to get unwanted attention. What happened to you, happened to many on FB recently. Their *purge of the weak* was aimed at those with high assets, high score, and large empires but extremely weak defenses as compared to their other Indexes/Rankings and size.

Regarding GR I assume your trying to insult me. GR isnt neccessarily the place where the best players are. Indeed those who like the war aspect of the game dont play there much. Countries are too big and can field defenses that make them invincible. 10K limits dont work well against a country with 100K Ints, though that is being corrected. You are correct though, Bad Karma isnt on GR. Maybe you should play there, it is the most peaceful world by far.

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