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The retirment of General Dirt (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The retirment of General Dirt (Little Upsilon)

General Dirt (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, December 18, 2008 - 09:50 pm Click here to edit this post
Post away Capone! I wrote the letters so I have nothing to fear. They won't contridict anything I have stated publicly or privately...that is unless you edit them to your benefit as you have in the past.

I find it complete BS that you were SO OFFENDED by the said link, the VERY same link which your friend Saber sent to you and all your friends. Yeah, I read it in the forums dude, yall joking about it and all. Its funny that you and Treasurer were beating the ban button when you 2 were publically joking about how hilarious it was. The truth is your scared of me. You will try anything you can to keep me from taking the rest of your matter how under-handed or dishonest it is. Oh? Whats that Ameche? You don't lie? HA!
You CLEARLY LIED when you said above that we said mean things toward you during your family tragity. Even your friends know the truth. You can chime in anytime your ready Mr. Barney as you know what happened..which even stated that he gained respect for the UC because of how we handled your personal crisis, just as the UC was putting together Real Life cash to help Barney Rubble when everyone thought he lost his home to fire.

I find it really hard to believe that anyone that talks as foul as you do is easily offended by anything.

Here are some public quotes from Saint Ameche.

"Not noob cunt douche."

" Go fuck yourself bitch."

" And you must like getting your big ass kicked in. Not going so well on LU want to take a shot on KB? Do you change your tampon? Or do you just leave it? I can smell you from here."

"Oh yeah, go fuck yourself bitch."

"Nice try tho, now go change your tampon. It's rotting out of you."

Shall I continue Ameche? You really need to get a grip! The way you treat people, women especially, is deplorable and definetly worth banning...yet you haven't heard that out of my mouth. I'd rather kick your butt myself vs. GM handling it.

Good day,

PS-To call you a douche-nozzle would be offensive to women as they shouldn't insert anything as foul as you into their lady parts. I see you more as a bedpan.

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