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Jinson Xu (Golden Rainbow)

Sunday, February 20, 2005 - 04:03 am Click here to edit this post
Hi, sorry for my late reply, i've been rather busy the past week. :(

First, thanks alot to Tamara for scratching up this advertisement. This ad was timed to go in hand with the in-game mass messaging that took place on the 13th of Feb 2005.

The main purpose of that mass message session was to inform players of the upcoming chat with Jozi and get more people to participate in a discussion about issues in-game, issues which certainly exist considering the recent changes.

The idea is to allow all players the chance to voice their views and hopefully make a difference.

More importantly, the prior issue discussion on the TNN forums is meant to filter out the relevant issues from the fluff so that the two hours or so that Jozi will spend in IRC with the players will be spent constructively.

Our opinion is that a two-hour chat attended by a larger audience than the regular IRC players will require that the issues first go through the above gate-keeping process. Failing to do so will mean that the chat probably cannot sufficiently cover the important issues within the two hours.


Tamara has addressed the problem of the mass message hitting every empire owner's country. The mass messenger uses the country index downloads to message every human country in each world. Without any president name data in the downloads, our hands are tied. Unless W3C adds the new datafields to the country downloads or we restart the SimSpider.

I'm seriously considering restarting it, since W3C has indicated in the last chat that the traffic caused by the spider, 62k or so on its run each week is "not a disaster".

The best solution of course, is still to have the extra data in the downloads as that'll solve everyone's bandwidth problems. The implementation of the extra data fields however, is taking alot longer than we expected. If demand for the Spider's service remains high, we'll probably just start running it again. I might start the rewrite next weekend if the data fields are still not ready.


For the TNN tools, do post your comments or suggestions on the TNN site if you've any.

There're two updates to TNN this week.

1. Further integration of TNN tools including the chat stats and chat-room with the TNN site.
2. Our own IRC server is ready at

For the IRC server, we're migrating to our own as our previous network at thegamebox has been having problems lately.

If we've more players from the SC game community who're willing to run IRC servers for SC, we might even be able to setup our own TNN IRC network in the future.

So for those using irc clients, change your server information to, the channel is still the same #simcountry. The TNN IRC Connection Guide as well as the webclient have been updated to reflect the server change.

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