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What is Simcountry?

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James W

Friday, February 18, 2005 - 04:23 am Click here to edit this post
Okay since Jinson hasn't already replied I will,

@Herman - Firstly your claims that TNN gives out secret information. TNN only gives out information that individual players themselves can obtain and it would give an unfair advantage to a select few that knew how to obtain this information without TNN.

The same applies for the best corporations, there are probably about a dozen people whom have spreadsheets of all the corporations and already know which corporations are the best without TNN. So TNN is providing this service to all countries so that nobody is unfairly disadvantaged.

@ Harry - As for this site giving newer players an unfair advantage, its completely unfounded. TNN offers the same services to all old and new players alike. Infact all TNN does is close the gap between the most knowledgeable players and the newer players.

@ Unitedfools - TNN was holding off the development of that particular tool hoping that W3 would add the extra fields to the downloadable files. However, Jinson has said he is thinking about rewriting the simspider sooner.

Also in response to;

TNN auto message poll - We agree, it should only go to one country however the next chat date with Jozi is closing in fast and we are trying to raise the community awareness so that everyone who wants can participate. The problem is that to select only 1 country we need the SimSpider back and I stated earlier in this message the reasons we were holding off on that. So to all large empire owners TNN apologises for the inconvenience.

SCWN - Sorry for the late reply but have been very busy, you mentioned previously for a representative to discuss a partnership and unless Jinson has already talked to you in private which I dont think he has, I guess I will be the representative from TNN. Jinson and I have briefly talked about ways in which co-operation will benifit the community and I will be willing to discuss these ideas and any ideas you have with you. As for the part about it being a competition, I dont really understand. I use TNN and I read your site and I would encourage anyone to use both as they are both a good source of information. Anybody who uses one and not the other is only depriving themself of information. Hope to hear from you soon.

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