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Question for Americans (Kebir Blue)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 03:57 pm Click here to edit this post
I need to add something here. Angus and others that have posted changes to our government here, also help my arguments. Without understanding the system and processes because of a lack of general understanding and education in them many well meaning people altered the system created by our founders into its current form. As such they see their ideas as being sound and reasonable, despite the fact they are counter to what our governing document permits. The reasoning behind these people is to improve the system or correct a singlular error (proving nothing is perfect) or event that they think was wrong or needs fixing so it cant happen again. Frankly the founders themselves hoped and desired these very things to occur and they prayed we would be wise enough not to tamper with them. The United States is unique among all the nations of the world in that we have NEVER had a military coup! In fact we have never had our gorvernment overthrown by any means other than election, every 2 and 4 years! In a sense we have a revolution of sorts during these periods - which too was the intent of the founders - so we could keep from having the bloody revolution others have had - in this they deliberately and purposefully built in the very flaws and errors that many think have to be fixed thereby creating perfection. In other words the founders were wise enough to understand that perfection (especially in government) does not exist and attempting to create such perfection leads to the very thing they hoped we in later generations would be wise enough to keep from having happen (Think Cromwell here people, the founders did). So far they have been proven right, but because of these well meaning people, ignorant of much of the above and so much more - we are nearing that which the founders feared more than anything else. And I do mean it when I say they are well meaning - but ignorance has lead many well meaning people to the gulags and the camps.

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