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Question for Americans (Kebir Blue)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 02:48 pm Click here to edit this post
This is insane actually. I have pointed out that the 2 party system in this country was adopted not because it was better but because the 2 now leading parties made it so. The history of it all goes back to post civil war and didnt happen over night. The changes in the constitution and in law that ensures that only the democrats and the republicans can seriously hold power in this country is clear. The final blows to any other party holding any type of power in this country occurred when TR nearly won a 3rd term. This event so scared the two parties that they cemented their power base by removing the ability of other parties from even gaining a foothold on the local and state levels.

I am not going to go into explaining all the history behind this. If anyone is serious about this its easy to discover for yourself, to include the propaganda movies from the 1930s the democrats had hollywood made. These are a must study to hear the same nonsense rhetoric that one hears today from them. What i find most amussing about these films is many of them paint the republicans as the racist party - despite the fact that it was the democrats in this era that were enacting the Jim Crow laws. But i digress here. Study not just the election of the presidents, but congress and the state houses as well, watch the decline via law supported by the USSC over the decades of other political parties, watch as any serious threat party is abosorbed by one of the two surviving parties (much like Hitler did in Germany to cause his NAZI parties survival). Talk about a corrupt process!?!

Angus it is obvious you selectively read. I earlier posted clearly what and how the electoral college works and why and it is one of the major items that makes our selection of a head of state so different from any other process. Yesterday the electors meet, they voted and made Obama the president elect (although he and others claim he was prior, until this event he and everyone else were merely spinning noise, in fact they still are since the results are suppose to be sealed until opened by a joint session of congress in January). There is no such office as president elect, the correct title of Obama is Mr at this point (I do believe he has resigned his senate seat so calling him senator is equally misspeak).

Again I digress. The EC is probably the most fair method ever used to select a head of state. The problem again is the corruption of the 2 party system over what this system is suppose to do and how it is suppose to work. The system isnt the problem here, the corruption of that system and the failure of the USSC to ensure the process is THE PROBLEM!

As for limiting the power of the head of state - wrong again. Our head of state has executive power. We did not call him head of state. We created an office called president, bestowed power, obligation, authority in it. This is called executive power! We limited the abuse of that power via the creation of two other branches of government that hold EQUAL power, just different power. Each branch holds the authority and obligation to control and limit the other two branches. This is accomplished collectively. As one minor example if the USSC declares something unconstitutional congress can pass a consitutional ammendment (which must also be signed by the executive branch) submit it to the states for ratification, thereby negating the USSC effect.

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