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Question for Americans (Kebir Blue)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 02:24 pm Click here to edit this post
Well, then you missed the single biggest reason. Simple majority voting is mob rule. We almost have that now. Just look at the just completed US election. A man who has pretty much no experience, promised to do many of the exactly the wrong things (and is now backing down on significant portions of those promises), was never really questioned on anything, and who definitely did not care about how real economies work was elected simply because he was popular. The initial data and studies are already showing that more voters in this election than ever had little or no real knowledge about the issues or candidates. This last election could easily be described as the Founders worst nightmare.

You also missed the point that DIVERSITY, your mantra, is the point of having so many States. There is a reason most of the rest of the country think Massuchusettes is crazy for it out of control government. There is a reason, despite the elitist, myopic arrogance of northern liberals, that southern states are important and should be looked at to get ideas for good government policies. DIVERSITY has been a keyword for unthinking college liberals for half a century. Try actually understanding what the word means instead of just chanting it. It works in nature and it works in government, even if it is currently be stiffled by LIBERALS.

And stop throwing out stupid comments about President Bush or Sara Palin. You are probably one of those who, until it was pointed out to you here, could easily name who in the last election had a pregnant teenage daughter but not who thought there were 58 states. Instead of trying to use hatred to promote your ideas, try to understand WHY the second highest number of people ever voted for President Bush in 2004 or why 58 million people voted for McCain in 2008. And it is not because the system is corrupted. That is a given, but it is not a causal relationship.

Your other observations are more astute. The two party system is indeed oppressive. Implementing your idea, however, would make it even worse. How long do you think it will take if, given simple majority voting for everything, it will take before the person who wins an election is the person who can simply pay, or more likely promise to pay, a single voter more? Not the person who would be best for EVERYONE. Not the person with actual ideas that have a chance to work. You are right, the 2 party system is crap. But constricting the system to 13 states is NOT the answer. At least now there the two parties have to deal with 50 states. With about 50 different Senators who, like Joe Lieberman most recently, can OCCASIONALLY tell thier parties to go to hell because they will get elected in their state anyway. With fewer states, the stakes are just that much higher for parties to put people in power who will tow the party line. Fewer states mean fewer ideas and less diversity in ideas.

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