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Question for Americans (Kebir Blue)

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Monday, December 15, 2008 - 03:41 pm Click here to edit this post
Angus you missed the point then! First it would cement the 2 party system forever! Second the president would truly be the president of the larger states! The small state would not matter at all and finally it would kill off what little independance the states still retain. In other words it would finalize the federalization of the United States. This in turn would eventually lead to the balkanization of the United States. In 1992 around 6% of Americans thought the US should divide itself into its regional parts, in 2000 this number had grown to 9%. By 2002 the number had begun to shrink - 7%, however it has been on the rise since 2004 and now 11% are essentially thinking it would be better to desolve the US. The funny part is that these people would have a return to what the founders had intended in the first place, weak, limited central (federal) gorvernment with the states dominating the domestic agendas in their own territory and inside their own borders.

Again the problem is not with the electoral college as a method used to select the president but rather in the corruption of the republic and the republican ideals into a democracy.

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