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What is Simcountry?

New rules for CEO's...Enjoy. (White Giant)

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Capone (Kebir Blue)

Friday, December 12, 2008 - 01:39 am Click here to edit this post

[1:17:06 PM] zarder32 i need help ok, is anyone listening?
[1:17:20 PM] utter40681 has left
[1:17:36 PM] utter40681 has become available
[1:17:46 PM] contagion has become available
[1:18:13 PM] ameche i tried helping you
[1:18:17 PM] ameche did you see what i typed?
[1:18:35 PM] zarder32 it was hard to keep track of anything in that going back and forth
[1:19:00 PM] ameche what are your buy strategies
[1:19:05 PM] ameche for corps
[1:19:09 PM] zarder32 idk
[1:19:33 PM] ameche could you look real quick?
[1:19:42 PM] zarder32 where?
[1:19:53 PM] ameche ill make this easier...are you a paid member?
[1:20:01 PM] zarder32 no
[1:20:06 PM] ameche ok thats why
[1:20:12 PM] ameche you are stuck on best price
[1:20:18 PM] zarder32 ok
[1:20:20 PM] yarlin eaw
[1:20:22 PM] ameche so you have to wait for shortages to clear
[1:20:26 PM] yarlin best price = sucks
[1:20:39 PM] zarder32 ok
[1:20:59 PM] ameche yeah
[1:21:09 PM] ameche once you pay, youre allowed to adjust pricing
[1:21:17 PM] zarder32 so what do i do then to make the best of it (no pun intended)

What's wrong with that it is true. You cannot adjust pricing till you are a paid member. Suck it.


[1:21:32 PM] ameche well, paying would be one option
[1:21:39 PM] ameche but i seriously doubt you want to do that
[1:21:52 PM] zarder32 dont have the money
[1:21:59 PM] ameche well thats good
[1:22:04 PM] ameche because youd just be wasting it here

My opinion. Suck it.


[1:22:07 PM] yarlin a common market maybe but that profit blows to
[1:22:21 PM] ameche common markets are overrated
[1:22:25 PM] yarlin yah
[1:22:27 PM] ameche do nothing for your economy
[1:22:28 PM] zarder32 ok
[1:22:37 PM] zarder32 i havent joined any
[1:23:01 PM] yarlin i made my own for ceo's and empire but don't even use it. lol

^^Fact. And your fag friend JF has it printed on his site. Eat shit. Oh, and suck it.

Wendy you have destroyed this game for many more than I have. Go fuck yourself.

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