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Thursday, December 11, 2008 - 06:47 am Click here to edit this post
Treasurer wanted me to tell you all he apologizes that he will no longer be able to do stats for you all, because he is not allowed to communicate in chat or here because Tom is upset with him.

He says he will miss you all and miss reading the "daily's" here in the forum.

On a personal note:

This is a damn shame. He is one of the good guys Tom. He may have a hot head but his heart is in the right place here. He has always helped new players and given sound advice to young and old alike. He does more good in here than most contributers to this forum.

I just have a feeling that you are taking this way too personally and have given Treasurer the taste of the back of your hand in an unwarranted fashion. I have seen some colorful personalities be banned from the forum for different atrocities in the forum here. I have never really agreed with any of them unless they were posting inappropriate or racist materials.

I saw an angry and an honest disapproval of a decision that you had made from Treasurer. I saw no insults or malicious intent in what Treasurer had said. (I do see that some of his posts have been edited and dismembered) I wish he was here to defend himself, but you have seen to it that he cannot.

I am losing interest in this game seeing good players being forced out because they have a differing view than of Tom's. I think everyone needs to reflect on this and ask themselves what would happen if they stuck up for what they believed in and whether that belief would find themselves banned from the game or from communicating with anyone in the game because they spoke about their beliefs or thoughts.

Tom, yes you have stated on several occasions that "First Amendment Rights" and the freedom of speech do not apply here in this game. But you also added when you made that statement that it had to do with racist material and matters like that. This instance does not even approach that type of level of inappropriateness. I see no justification at all in banning any player for speaking their mind about game related issues.

Treasurer wasn't the first player banned for speaking out about game related issues. If memory serves me correctly, I believe Dubbthaigh was banned for a short time because he complained of mysteriously vanishing assets within his empire that went unexplained.

I have no doubt others are in this list that I do not know of. I bet Laguna could name them though. I stand with Laguna in also asking that this ban on Treasurer's participation in the forums and chat room be lifted after a cooling off period so that this doesn't escalate further.

With respect,


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