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CEO Stats (Fearless Blue)

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Daconia (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - 08:55 pm Click here to edit this post
For T in Memorum

These are the combined CEO stats..I posted each individual worlds CEO stats in appropriate forum.

All World CEO Market Value

John R6,052,192,032,052,270
La Sombra3,428,933,252,749,020
Daconia 3,423,655,624,442,990
Treasurer 2,910,097,405,988,650
Simon Dabney2,453,665,409,445,310
Sir Michael 1,992,608,529,458,630
Orbiter 1,977,261,164,169,140
Kevin Henry1,263,721,869,646,380
Arkh Mori1,149,703,365,824,310

All World CEO Production Value

John R32,780,112,120,000
La Sombra27,851,654,150,000
Daconia 24,020,631,670,000
Simon Dabney18,424,745,350,000
Treasurer 17,924,121,230,000
Orbiter 15,207,979,060,000
Sir Michael 12,762,499,410,000
RoboCop 10,650,888,860,000
Kevin Henry10,567,705,080,000

All World CEO Total Assets

John R8,682,311,606,979,690
Treasurer 4,563,728,489,495,530
Daconia 4,267,868,696,830,720
La Sombra3,831,236,618,533,100
Simon Dabney3,436,762,762,347,480
Sir Michael 2,175,441,199,293,180
Orbiter 2,003,545,933,106,800
Kevin Henry1,723,035,721,382,540
RoboCop 1,611,627,425,619,910

All World CEO number of Corps

John R7,123
Daconia 4,630
Simon Dabney4,497
La Sombra4,492
Treasurer 3,286
Orbiter 3,003
RoboCop 2,989
Yankee 2,213
Kevin Henry2,097

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