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Fellow illinois neighbors (Little Upsilon)

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Joseph Stalin (White Giant)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - 11:59 am Click here to edit this post
TP I live in Illinois (Cook County).

All I can say its about time. The guy is and has always been a shady douchebag plain and simple.

All the broken promises etc etc. I'm still pissed about his smokefree state law.

Killed alot of businesses (restraunts,bars,clubs etc.) But no he insisted we follow Mass. and few other states. F*ck Mass. no offense of course Betsy/Claws :)

A Stupid law we could have had smoke businesses and smoke free businesses etc.. It hurt our State regardless of what anyone thinks. Enough of that topic.

Now speaking of crooks I hope the next to get pinched is Daley. But thats another douchebag & topic for another snowy day. :)

Next weeks emergency meeting will be intresting since he wont resign and the appointing of the seat power needs to be blocked.

Not to mention once he starts going down he will sing like a canary and I wont be surprised if Obama name doesnt come up a few times.

Many will argue that statement but dont be surprised if does now.

I read the the 70 some court pages its amazing how people will sing to cover their own asses hehehe.

Sing little birdie sing


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