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Financial success guide for neebs

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Financial success guide for neebs


Tuesday, December 9, 2008 - 05:01 pm Click here to edit this post
there are numerous guides on the forums on being successful in this game, including how to take down a c3 and etiquette and behavior protocol. the following suggestions are things that i have gleened from the game and are subject to game changes. some or all of these suggestions have been around for some time. but they may be helpful to the neeb as well as the seasoned player.

1. decide whether you want to be a paying member. this is a watershed event. if you have come here strictly for the chat or the war game, this is probably not for you.
2. this is a game where you can become a Visa warrior or do things the slow and sure way. i chose the slow and sure way.
3. read the docs. this suggestion is in all the threads on help. the docs are out of date and inconsistent but they're still a beginning and most neebs don't bother.
4. don't start by attacking c3's. several months ago you could make lots of money attacking a c3. and build empires through war. now it's different. taking down c3's is one of the quickest ways of going into debt, which at this stage of the game, dooms you to failure.
5. work on your economy and getting your country to level three. this will require buying some pop, but the 200gc's will give you a good start on the road to success.
6. pay off debt. even though interest rates are low, debt has a way of getting out of hand and when you're building new corps, they tend to go negative quite a bit in the beginning.
7. watch the game changes. there are lots of ways to make money in this game, but you have to know the game to figure them out. which leads to the most important phase of the game. Get a mentor who's been around for a while. most of us seasoned players want new players to succeed. it makes the game more interesting and helps maintain some continuity to the different worlds, instead of seeing empires and countries devastated by debt.

if you want further help, you can message me at Knights of the Round Table on KB. and good luck.

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