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Question for Americans (Kebir Blue)

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 - 02:25 pm Click here to edit this post
All of Americas elections are mob rule! Congress is mob rule! Parliment is mob rule! Government is mob rule. What the founders wrote, thought about, tried to work out, was a means to limit the damage the mob could or would do! If the principles of the DOI and the Constitution were not ignored we would achieve that limitation. If we were bright enough to actually study the who and why the limitations of government were written in, rather than finding ways around them, we would actually have the limited mob rule the founders thought they had given us. One of the prime examples of how this limitation was suppose to work is in the franchise (right to vote). This was suppose to be limited, the means to its limitation was to be left up to the various states.

Arch forget about having more than 2 parties, that idea died in the 1930s when the system was changed by the socialists to ensure that their power could never again be seriously challenged. Once upon a time the electors had to vote for president and the second place holder got to be vice president, rarely did these two belong to the same party - of course this did not sit well with the political parties who controlled the congress and the state assemblies so they ammended the constitution. We had a much more interesting government until they did this. Once upon a time you would vote for president and vice president seperately - again this system didnt work too well for the 2 political party system - so guess what? The reality is no one has ever voted directly for president or vice president in our entire history - you vote for an unnamed person who will then cast their vote (hopefully) for the person you want them too. Once upon a time people in many states never actually cast a vote at all for the president or the vice nor even an electorate - it was done by the state assembly in those states. Talk about diversity in our elections. Limited franchise, differt means of selecting the electors, gee what did I miss in this process? Oh yea Woodrow Wilson and the beginning of the one party system - the socialist party of America! Or as Will Rodgers once reflected - Tell me again what is the differance between the new deal and the old deal?

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