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A Date Which Will Live In Infamy (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  A Date Which Will Live In Infamy (Little Upsilon)

DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 - 02:45 am Click here to edit this post
The Japanese pilots when they discoverred that they had attacked prior to the declaration of war delivery felt ashamed. They condisidered it a dishonor to not have declared against the US first. Despite the fact that the message was offically delivered after the attack the Federal Government knew for hours prior to the attack that Japan was declaring war.

History meets the myths and nonsnese. The Japanese did not know we had broken the dipolmatic codes and would not for a couple of decades after the war, historically the japanese attacks on Dec 7/8, 1941 were not sneak attacks, they were military suprises however. No one in authority believed the japanese would attack at Pearl Harbor - which came as a surprise not a sneak attack. There is nothing to indicate that anyone in authority knew about the PH attack period! Did the attack serve FDRs purpose - yes. FDR had been trying for months for an incident he could use to go to war with Japan, believing it would enable the US to also enter the war in Europe. And yes he was doing the same in the atlantic trying to get the Germans to attack us in a manner that he could use to get us into that war. Remember Americans were issolationist until the attack on Pearl Harbor and the German declaration a few days later.

From an historical point though a much better discussion and debate can be had over the question of whether or not Japan needed to attack the US in the first place. Japan was after raw materials and resources denied it by the US in the various embargos for the prior year. None of these resources were held or controlled by the US. In fact the US holdings in the pacific were more of a drain than a help on the resource level. Yes some of the bases were of a strategic value but only against or for the US if you are at war. Otherwise the US pacific holdings were fairly useless. The Japanese would have been better off attacking as they did with the exception of attacking US territories or possessions. In other words if the Japanese had attacked the Dutch and British only they would have achieved all their objectives without having to go to war against the US. If by some chance (and thats a pretty big if given the temorment of the US public) FDR had been able to secure a declaration of war sometime in 1942 the japanese would have held the moral high ground and I doubt if America would have prosecuted the war in the pacific beyond a certain point, in fact such events would probably have denied FDR a 4th term.

It took years to build weapons! No major warship other than conversions were laid down after the war started that actually saw service in the war except a few heavy cruisers. It also took a long time to train the people needed to use the weapons. A P51 fighter might be able to be built in a week but it still takes about 16 months to train the pilot! The trick was and is mass production - even Germany did this they just were not able to do it on the same scale as we did and Japan never had a prayer of coming close. A lot of the japanese problem was in training methods also not just the fact they couldnt mass produce on the same scales. For example a naval pilot in japan was selected from among 14 year olds. Those selected would enter an 8 year train program. It was their only source of new naval aviators. The Army pilots were selected from among families of statute again limiting the available pool of possible selectees.

Attempting to compare Japan of 1930s and prior to the US today is nonsense yet again and only indicates a complete lack of understanding of the two countries then or now. Socialist sound bites of evil america and attempts to compare this to the evils of past ages demonstrates the poor historical education in the world today. Socialism needs a historically ignorant mass to survive. It must have a populace incapable of reason and logical thought but willing to believe whatever it is told as being truth and fact. Some speak of the egos of others who then use propaganda to fool others into following them, this has been the methods used by socialists for thousands of years so I agree. Oh and so we are not mistaken here there are left socialists and right socialists so it really doesnt matter much which you think of yourself as and me as -- both are equally guilty.

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