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JOZI...Why is my CEO not properly RANKED? (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  JOZI...Why is my CEO not properly RANKED? (White Giant)

Treasurer (White Giant)

Monday, December 8, 2008 - 03:58 pm Click here to edit this post
Well I received this entertaining email this morning from Tom. He admits there is a problem and tells me that I have received the first place anyway, yet the CEO is still ranked in the 300's. How can I receive the first place if it isn't there? And it isn't the time yet for tallying the scores anyway. That is done at the end of the month.

Anyway, there are some more tidbits of info you ALL need to read and decide how you want to deal with. Enjoy.



I am sorry for what happened but you did receive the first award anyway.

We have updated the formula that computes the score for enterprises.

The scores will become a little lower for everyone.

It will result in the score going under 10000 and the enterprise score will show correctly.

This will take place in the coming days.

Scores will start to decline slowly for all enterprises.

Thanks for alerting us to the problem. We had it long time ago and did not check for some time.

This change and some other measures, will probably now solve this problem once and for all.

In addition. I would like to alert you to some upcoming changes.

With the declining amounts in all aspects of the game, cash will decline too.

We have introduced financial services to all countries, if the cash amount is > 20 T.

This limit will decline and cash levels will decline even much further.

We have invited, and advised presidents to exchange their cash into gold coins.

The same will apply shortly for enterprises.

Financial services will be introduced in all enterprises and we are encouraging players with cash rich enterprises to move into gold coins.

The announcement of this change will be in the game news tomorrow.

The change will take place in one or two weeks.

My compliments to your empire and your enterprises.


The gamemaster

Well there you have it. Say hello to not being allowed to store excess cash in your CEO's anymore. Tom has decided to be greedy and take over the loan market himself so he can declare any interest amount he likes and keep out all competitors. If a CEO cannot keep excess cash, it will effectively keep out all players from loaning cash. Which leaves Tom the sole beneficiary of all loan interest income and then once that happens can institute any interest rate he pleases.

This game has officially went into the toilet. They do not want scores over 10,000 and have admitted so. They believe it is an unwarranted and unearned score and have decided to take steps to make sure no score will ever reach that plateau again.

I have repeatedly tried to explain to some players why I dislike Tom so much and now maybe you can see why. He is selfish and cares only about himself and does not want the veteran players to play anymore. He wants fresh visa warriors who do not know any better nor have the capacity to out-fox him.

The Jozi chats are useless for they do not implement hardly anything and the fixes they come up with to appease the player base in most cases do more worse than good. It took a week for them to answer a simple email. And in many cases according to some players, have heard of instances where no replies were ever given.

They put Johnny Gill in here to moderate and monitor the forums. I get an answer right away that he will alert Tom. Yet Tom does nothing. He still hasn't. He is in the business of telling people to basically "Screw you" in the nicest way possible so as not to look too bad in the public eye.

Well I say "Screw you Tom", and I do not mean it in any nice way at all. Ban me, I don't give a crap.


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