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Monday, December 8, 2008 - 02:32 pm Click here to edit this post
Angus, it is apparent you are not interested in actually trying to debate or understand the issue. Your personal predjudices are showing through. First, the US does not even come close to spending more on the military than the rest of the world combined. I am guess you lifted that little LIE, yes LIE, from or some such site. Your other statements clearly show you really do not care about this debate and really only want to make outrageous statements against the US. This is not the thread for you to spread rhetoric.

For one, your statements indicate you completely missed or did not care about a central point BorderC has made repeatedly. Namely that military service builds character. The part about gaining skills was in direct contradiction to your statement that the only skills people gain in the military are excercise and using firearms. I guess you sort of realized this because now your argument changed to, oh, its cheaper to the taxpayer. Maybe, but if so, you failed again and everyone reading this is going back and seeing that you have now lost that point and here is why.

You see cheaper to the taxpayer is not just debateable, but it doesnt matter. After all, it would certainly be cheaper to the taxpayer to cut things like Medicare and Social Security. The purpose of spending taxpayers money is to achieve a goal. Gaining valuable skills is just one side benefit, not the central reason, so IT DOESN'T MATTER! Since the central issue is not providing skills training to young adults, even if cheaper methods are available, so what?

I will point out that you are also making a very big mistake in using your admitedly limited experience with forming misquided opinions. First off, I very much doubt your statement that everyone you know that was in the army is a problem drinker is factually true. When you take personal, anecdotal evidence and try to generalize it, it rarely works. Break your perceptions. Do the research. Here are some facts.

The rates of alchohol and drug abuse in veterans runs right at about the national average, which is actually a bit surprising. Looking at the numbers more closely, its even astounding. For one, combat veterans with combat service ribbons as a subclass show much higher rates of alchohol and drug abuse than veterans in general, well above the national average. Even though this is actually a small subset of all veterans, the fact that the overall average for all veterans is average means that the average for veterans who did not experience combat is lower than the national average. You also made one generalization that is fairly accurate whan you stated that in general enlistees in the miltary are poorer that ties. In effect this actually proves BorderC's point that military service is good for character building. Given that the rates of drug and alcohol abuse are higher for the poor, it would follow that since most veterans come from that societal segment, the rates would match. Since they do not, and in fact have improved (lowered) after leaving the service, it follows that military service might indeed have helped somehow.

Oh, and one last point. The justice system might be MEANT to deal with anti social and criminal qualites, but it cannot do the job. It is overwhelmed and clearly failing in its task. There are lots of reasons for this, but even were it functioning as it should, the goal is to try and ensure people never enter the justice system in the first place. It is WAY more expensive to handle the people of which you speak through the justice system than it is through military service.

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