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Friday, December 5, 2008 - 02:25 pm Click here to edit this post
Come on Angus, that was a bit weak and it is definitely good you are not in charge. For one, BorderC specifically says 'to name a few' when refering to some benefits. So when you say 'you didn't really specify respect for what either' you pretty much fail in your argument right there. Your statements about joining a trade school also indicate your complete cluelessness about the military. Aside from the fact that experience in keeping yourself fit and aiming guns are indeed valuable skills it is important to note that over 80% of the military have primary skills other than just aiming guns. Mechanics, computer techs, medics, and office skills are just a few of the vocational or proffesional skills just enlisted personnel can learn. As for officers in particular, the management skills gained are as good or better than many in the civilian world gain in twice the time. And frankly, it is my proffesional opinion and experience that former miltary are much more reliable than others. Your statement about former Army people being problem drinkers is so way off base its astounding. I guess I can't call you racist as you are prejudiced against people with former military service, but whatever the equivalent is, thats you.

Of course it is not 100% that people with past military service are great workers. However, when you have lived a life that stresses attention to detail, being on time, being able to interpret and follow directions, respect and reliance on those around you, well, that does tend to carry over into civilian life. And guess what, those traits do indeed make good employees.

I do not think I would oppose mandatory service in the military, but, like most ideas like these, it is not a cure all. I think there are a great many people who would benefit from military service. Maybe not everyone, but the benefits can definitely be shown and understood for the vast majority of people. Not the least of which would be an appreciation and better understanding of those who choose to make the military a career.

It is also very obvious you have no clue how the miltary operates. The military does not exactly impose values. You are certainly right in that you cannot force anyone to be altruistic, or peaceful, or compassionate. You cannot force someone to truly be repectful. But you see, the military does not really impose values on anyone. What the military does do is expect a certain level of performance or actions and enforces those expectations. Most people come to see why certain actions and expectations are valuable for themselves. THAT is where some military service might be good for most people. Putting people in a situation where discipline, respect for others, and teamwork, to name a few valuable personal attributes, can be and are encouraged to be learned is a good thing. And, unfortunately, environments where those attributes can be learned are increasingly disappearing.

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