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Friday, December 5, 2008 - 03:59 am Click here to edit this post
War is not the issue for humanity, for we will always kill each other regardless...

The issues for humanity are Drugs (legal and illegal), Space travel, Global Warming, Water & Food, HIV and Population.
All each country would need to do would be to send an expert of a chosen problem to Jerusalem(the only place on earth that no-one owns, thus making it neutral ground) to work out possible solutions to that problem. Then once they agree on a short list of solutions they would vote on it.
The winning solution would then be made public. Any leader of a country that decides not to take part in the solution to the problem would be publicly named and shamed, which would have it's own concequences on the international and national stage. Same would go for any leader that chose not to send an expert.

You see, every countries leadership would still be an independent entity as they are today. For the issues of relevance are about the big picture. The solutions would have little impact on the day to day running of any country as they would take time to implement. And due to every country implementing them, no-one would be at a disadvantage. Unlike with what happened with the Kyoto accord. @#&%"£! ?^~£$
There would also be no need to try and over throw it for it's only power would be the power of knowledge and solutions.

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