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Republicans/Conservatives/anti-Democrats, State of the Party (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Republicans/Conservatives/anti-Democrats, State of the Party (Kebir Blue)

Austia (Golden Rainbow)

Monday, December 1, 2008 - 12:40 pm Click here to edit this post
I'm gonna run in 2018.

My platform-
Reduce military spending. People want bongs not bombs and if we dropped bongs on Iraq the people would love us. If they were plastic of course.

Legalize Marijuana- it's not crack and less harmful than Alcohol. I Will add a tax from the sales of Marijuana that will fund into Social security.

Boom! Two Problems fixed. The Cartels in mexico loose A LOT of Drug revenue and Social Security will be fixed.

Not to mention, since us Americans Grow the best weed, all the Europeans will start buying it from us. Boom! I better the Trade Deficit.

I unPrivitize Prisons. Put money forth to rehabilitate and educate the criminals. Most modern prisons are more a School for criminal talent than a deturant against it. Needs to change.

Did I mention that the Educated Excons can now become productive members of society. Instead of costing money their making money. This means they pay taxes :-). More Profit.

I'd institute a once a year, $5 each tax. Lets say that 2/3 of Americans Pay taxes. 5x200mil= $1B. This money will be used to buy computers for schools or shoes for orphans. Hell, We could use it to buy a Shitload of beer and have world famous, nation wide Keggers. Boom! Tourist Dollars! (Everyone would want to get in on that. I know, I'm Good.)

On the subject of Gay marriage. Let me quote a book Ya'll read. "Do unto Others" Ring any bells? What if a gay guy made it possible to prevent you from marrying your wife or goat? Not fair huh?

On the international level. I will make sure to follow those great words or Teddy Roosevelt. "Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Meaning that I'll mumble quietly and when Kim Jong Il, for example, leans into to hear, I will clobber him with a baseball bat.
Boom! No more North Korean Problem.
(Just kidding :-P)

On the matter of Education. I will devote to it A LOT of money (Probably the surplus overflow in Social Security due to the Insane Profits off of Marijuana in the first couple years of it being legal). Completely reform and update the schools. Add a damn class that teaches kids how to fill out tax forms and such. Damn, I wish my school had that. :-(

I will also ban the pussy alt rock band "Breaking Benjamins" from the U.S. They suck and that is a good enough reason. I will do it for the Betterment of America.

Thank You

This message has been approved Due to late night, after work boredom.

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