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VĂ¡li (Fearless Blue)

Friday, November 28, 2008 - 02:47 am Click here to edit this post
Farmer bob, I am not comparing you to a crackpot. I am just saying that your beleif in capital punishment for murder is the same as that of the crackpots. You both believe you are correct in your belief that the person deserves to die. You may consider the practise of hanging gays in Iran to be wrong. I consider both yours and the crackpots opinion to be wrong. Although I would not refer to you as a crackpot.
I also hope real life never changes my opinion, but if it does it will be a response of anger, not of rational thought. As much as the evil in this world sickens me, I believe to kill is wrong. I am well aware sometimes in life it is unavoidable. Sometimes you must kill to save others. But once you have a criminal in custody. No matter how evil they maybe. I believe we must hold ourselves above them and show them mercy.By all means keep them behind bars for the rest of their life out of contact with anybody else. To kill them however I think is a mistake that lessens ourselves.

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