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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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Wendy (Little Upsilon)

Friday, November 28, 2008 - 02:19 am Click here to edit this post
I did turn it off Aaron, it was never on, its because i show massive shortages and unemployment. Like I said the pop is dying, thats one issue. But GM auto creates corps when unemployment is too high, despite the automation of corps being set to off. I don't auto build, its an attempt by SimCountry to keep players from falling into debt. This is another change they made its in game news awhile back.while I am not in debt, I am making 50 gc a month with that country, but the unemployment rate is unsatisfactory to them, so they auto build for me to correct the unemployment. Which doesn't make sense. I guess my real question is this, how in the heck are all those unemployed workers not filling in the shortages. I tried dubs solution, but in theory it doesn't even make sense, the difference in salary gaps shouldn't matter to an unemployed worker. For example, if I am short 40K High Tech Engineers, but have 200K unemployed, what gives why would they not fill those positions. When I make new corps to get them into the workplace it terribly complicates the issue with more severe shortages, you know.

Thanks for the HI advice Aaron. I will begin building it up now I am at about 150 right now. But the other issue of shortages while having massive unemployed is what is really bothering me.

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