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BorderC (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 - 09:42 pm Click here to edit this post
Death is a punishment. It is a negative consequence to abate an undesired activity. That's what a punishment is. You can debate whether it is "negative" or not, but according to the amount of money we spend each year on death row appeals, I'm pretty confident that a VAST majority of them do not want to die. And if they DO want to die, then of what moral concern is it of ours?

"There are few absolutes in morality. To kill is wrong, sometimes unavoidable but it is still wrong. The death sentence is avoidable and should be avoided."

That's an opinion, not an absolute.

"The person who belives killing a gay is morally right is no different from the person that belives killing a murderer is right."

Would you consider killing an enemy combatant immoral? Is killing a fetus immoral when you have no way of knowing when life truly begins? Is suicide immoral?

There's no wrong answer because it is a matter of opinion. As long as you are consistent with your opinion (and not too outrageous in my own opinion) I have respect for you and it. That's how morality works for the most part.

"Crushing the car and destroying the licence of a motoring offender. Fining a thief to the brink of their means. Removing the right of a child abuser to be around children."

Well, capital punishment has a unique consequence that those results do not. A motor offender can and most likely will speed or drink and drive again. A thief that is fined to the brink of their means may likely steal again BECAUSE you've reduced them to a more determined state, and a child abuser doesn't need the right to be around them in order to be around them. Chances are, those offenders will only take better precautions to not get caught next time. Whereas a dead person cannot repeat their crime.

That doesn't say anything about the morality of it all, but does speak to the effectiveness of the punishments, but how "moral" is an ineffective justice system that doesn't provide for the peace and safety of the community. The victims of the crimes wouldn't like it too much.

Fortunately, smarter people than me are making these hard decisions.....

Well, I really don't have much else to add to this conversation. You all make some good, well thought out points. Much respect.


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