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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 - 06:08 am Click here to edit this post
You are correct, Octavian, in that all human life has value. A beggar has as a great a value as a physician from the moral perspective.

What you seem to be failing to grasp is that any man possesses the capacity to do good or bring harm to his fellow human beings. For those that would inflict direct injury for their own private motives, we have laws which society enacts to protect itself. Depending on the nation or state, some of those laws carry the possible penalty of death for their violation. That penalty does serve as a deterent and the ultimate insurance that the crime will not be repeated by that individual ever again.

As to the difference between individual occcupation under the law, it has nothing to do with the victim per se, but what that person represents. There is a difference that is acknowledged between certain public servants and civilians. It is thus.

The soldier, fireman, or police officer, etc. routinely places his life in danger for the benefit of the body politic, whereas the civilian does not.

We also recognize the heinousness of crimes against particular victims, most notably children. The law makes a distinction between a mafioso killed within LCN and a child who was tortured and murdered. Not because of their respective identities, but in respect to our societal values.

However, to return to John's original query. In deed Capital Punishment has its place within any responsible nation's legal system. Our laws exist to protect our citizenry. Sometimes, the death of a particularly dangerous individual is the only was to ensure that public safety.

The details may be debated endlessly, but the central premise holds true.

P.S. We have NO inherent rights. We do have what would be better termed priveleges that are granted by our societies but are subject to limitations or forfeiture under the law.

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