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Archangel1 (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - 02:43 pm Click here to edit this post
Oh, Vall, you must have posted while I was writing. The answer is very simply, no, the Nazis, Islamics, chinese, etc do not have that right. Farmer bob did not even imply that this was true. You take a statement out of context and when you try to make a point you fail to acknowledge all the other issues that you bring into the picture by your statements. Remember, the underlying assumption is that a society is moral. The German society under Hitler was not. I would say current Islamofascist regimes are generally not moral. That is an entire other issue that is tangential to this debate. So your attempt to discredit the out of context statement of Bob's is not credible or correct.

But you are wrong, people do indeed have the right to take a life. People DO NOT have the right to murder. There is a difference. I most certainly have the right to defend myself and my family. Before you even try to respond that then if I am trying to kill you while defending myself, then you have the right to defend yourself, well, you will most certainly be wrong. I can garantee that I would be defending myself from your aggression. The only reason I would ever consider taking your life is if you were trying to murder or physically harm me or my family. As soon as you start to do this, you are no longer acting morally and have forfeited any right you have to defend yourself, though you may try. As soon as I reconize your intent, not only do I have the right to stop you any way I can, including by killing you, I have the responsibility to do so.

As to the little bit about a society being immoral, not only do I think that the Islamic idea that it is ok to kill gays make that society, or at least that aspect of the society, immoral. It can be proven logically to be immoral.

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